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Taste Your Way Through the Saratoga Spa State Park

Introduction: Continuing with the exploring locally series, this week we will visit a small city in the southernmost area of the Adirondack region, Saratoga Springs. Located throughout Saratoga are approximately 21 mineral springs that, because of their rich mineral content, are believed to have healing and wellness benefits. 13 of those springs are located within the Saratoga Spa State Park. The Saratoga Springs are known across the world for their healing powers and the waters of many of the springs have been bottled and shipped around the world. Some of their believed health benefits include clearing skin and aiding in digestion.

***This post in no way represents medical advice and should not be taken as such. Professional medical assistance should be sought if indicated.***

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What to Know About the Springs

  • In total there are 21 different mineral springs located throughout Saratoga Springs, each with a unique history and benefit.
  • Most of the springs are naturally carbonated
  • No 2 springs taste alike. Each spring is made up of a unique blend of minerals and thus has a unique taste. Make sure you bring a cup of some sort with you so that you can try the waters, tasting in half the experience!

The Springs

Saratoga Spa State Park

saratoga spa state park
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Saratoga Spa State Park Entrance.

Saratoga Spa State Park is the perfect combination of nature and fun attractions. The park is home to nature trails, picnic areas, swimming pools, golf courses, and an education center. Also within the park are the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, the Spa Little Theater,  the National Museum of Dance, the Saratoga Automobile Museum, and the Gideon Putnam Resort and Roosevelt Baths and Spa.

With 13 of Saratoga’s mineral springs located in the park it is the perfect starting place for a spring hunting adventure. Plenty of other springs are scattered across the city of Saratoga Springs and will be explored in a future post!

Stop #1: Hathron Spring No. 3

Hathron Spring #3 is located within Saratoga Spa State Park along the south side off of route 50. Enter the park at the Ballston Ave. (Route 50) entrance. Before passing through the admission booth the Hathorn No. 3 Spring will be just to the left. There is a small parking area, so you can pull over and check out the spring before entering the park.

Believed Benefits: The waters of Hathron Spring No 3 are believed to be slightly cleansing due to its magnesium content.

hathron No. 3 Spring, saratoga spa state park
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Hathron No. 3 Spring

Stop #2: Coesa Spouter

Coesa Spouter is located within the Saratoga Spa State Park. It is located in the middle of a lake in the woods off of Geyser Loop Road. After entering the park from the Ballston entrance take a left at the first turn, with signs indicating the Coesa Spring. After a short walk through the woods you will come upon the small lake with the spring in the center.

Believed Benefits: The inhalation of the ionized air in the area of the Coesa Spouter is believed to have a calming effect.

Next you will head to the Geyser Loop Road parking lot, which will be your access point for several of the springs within the park. Directly across the street you will find the Polaris Spring and within walking distance you will find several of the other springs.

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Stop #3: Polaris Spring

Polaris Spring is located in the middle of the Saratoga Spa State Park. The Spring is easily accessible and can be found off of the Geyser Loop Road. The waters of Polaris Spring are high in Lithium, iron, and silica.

Believed Benefits: The waters of the Polaris Spring are believed to have some skin softening characteristics.

Saratoga Spring: Polaris Spring.
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Polaris Spring.
The polaris spring, saratoga spa state park
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The Polaris Spring.

Stop 4: Tallulah Spring

Tallulah Spring is one of the lesser known springs. Sitting a short distance from the Polaris Spring, it is definitely worth the visit. Little information can be found about the spring and it’s healing powers.

Tallulah spring, saratoga spa state park
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The Tallulah Spring.

Stop #5: State Seal Spring

The State Seal Spring is located next to the parking lot on Geyser Loop Road. The water from the State Seal is fresh water and is a popular water source for locals. An interesting fact about this spring, gallons of the water were shipped for free to hospitals and medical establishment during the influenza pandemic of 1918.

The State Seal Spring is one of the most popular springs and during our visit we were unable to get up close enough to be able to taste the spring waters. Locals were there filling up jugs of water. It’s fresh water taste keeps them coming back for this refreshing water.

Believed Benefits: The fresh water from this spring is widely used as drinking water by locals to avoid drinking tap water.

Stop #6: Hayes Well Spring

The Hayes Well Spring is located just off of Geyser Loop Road and just before you come upon the Geyser Island Spouter. After viewing the State Seal Spring, continue on past the bathrooms and across Geyser Loop Road and you will quickly come across the Hayes Well Spring.

Believed Benefits: Drinking the Hayes Well Spring water is believed to help with constipation and inhaling the spring’s gas that is released from the back of the fountain is believed to help clear the sinuses.

Hayes well spring, saratoga spa state park
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Hayes Well Spring.

Stop #7: Geyser Island Spouter

Geyser Island Spouter is perhaps one of the most impressive springs and is located within Saratoga Spa State Park. It can be found off the Geyser Loop Road at the Geyser Park on the loop trail. Continue on past Hayes Well Spring and a short distance and you will be right in front of the spring. It is surrounded by an island of hardened minerals.

Believed Benefits: The waters of the Geyser Island Spouter are believed to aid in restoring lost salt in the body and helping to aid with digestion.

the geyser island spouter, saratoga spa state park
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Geyser Island Spouter.

Stop #8: Orenda Spring and Tufa Deposits

The Orenda Spring is located within the Saratoga Spa State Park. If you continue along the trail past the Geyser Island Spouter you will come across a large deposit of hardened minerals that are the result of overflow from the Orenda Spring. The spring itself is at the top of the hill, which can be reached from an upper trail or by continuing on the trail until a set of stairs are reached.

Believed Benefits: The strong iron content of the Orenda Spring is believed to help strengthen the blood.

The orenda spring, saratoga spa state park
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Orenda Spring.
The mineral deposits from the Orenda Spring.
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The mineral deposits from the overflow of the Orenda Spring.

Stop #9: Karista Spring

Karista Spring is located in Geyser Park on the Geyser Loop road inside Saratoga Spa State Park. After viewing the Orenda Spring continue on the trail, back across the road. You will come upon a small pedestrian bridge, cross it and you will be at the Karista Spring. Karista Spring has one of the most iron-rich water supply in the world. The spring was renovated in 2012.

Believed Benefits: The soils surrounding the spring are believed to help with arthritis.

The Karista Spring, Saratoga Spa State Park.
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Stop 10: Memorial Spring:

While Memorial Spring is not one of the most popular and frequently talked about springs, it is still worth the one minute walk from Karista Spring to view it. The Memorial Spring fountain is more recently constructed and little information can be found on it.

Memorial Spring, Saratoga Spa State Park
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Memorial Spring.

Stop #11: Ferndell Spring

Ferndell Spring is located inside the Saratoga Spa State Park. It can be found along the Ferndell Trail, which can be found between the North-South Road and Geyser Loop Road. Ferndell Spring is not carbonated and does not contain as high of a mineral content as the other springs.

Stop #12 Charlie Spring

The Charlie Spring is located near the Hall of Springs entrance of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. The spring gets its name from Charles S. Dake, an important community figure from the 12th century. Little information can be found about the believed health benefits of this spring.

Stop # 13: Geyser Spring State Seal Fresh Water and Geyser Mineral Water Spring

Geyser Spring, sometimes referred to as the State Seal Fresh Water and Geyser Mineral Water Spring, is the most popular drinking water spring in Saratoga Springs. Locals flock to the spring daily to collect drinking water. It’s fresh water taste gives it it’s popularity and it has been compared to the likes of Fiji water.

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Saratoga Spa State Park is home to 13 mineral springs, each with its own unique mineral content and believed health benefits. Bring a cup and taste your way through the park!
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  1. Wow what a unique place! I have been to parks with hot springs you can bathe in, but never to actually drink the water! I hadn’t heard of Saratoga State Park before but would love to visit one day 🙂

  2. I did not know there was an area in Saratoga with 21 different mineral springs! I had only seen these springs used as drinking water when we visited places in Europe. And great that there may be added health benefits. I might even want to try the Geyser Island Sprouter to help with lost salt due to sweating in this very hot summer weather. Certainly a cool spot to visit!

  3. I have been to Adirondacks, but never heard of these springs! Thanks for all this information. Looks like some beautiful options with nature trails too. I would love to visit this place someday. Bookmarking this blog for my future visit! 🙂

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