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How To Take a Mom Break: Weekend Getaway Ideas

Traveling or hanging out at home with my mini-me is always full of fun and exciting adventures and while I would not trade this for anything, sometimes a Mom break is much needed!

If you are anything like me, you know what it is like to long for a day or two away all to yourself. You also know what it is like to finally get that alone time and the moment you get away you instantly miss those chaotic little creatures you call children! But the importance and benefits of taking some time to yourself to do and enjoy what you like to do and remember who you are as a person is undebatable and does not make you a bad mom!

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What are the benefits of taking a mom break?

Taking a mom break, whether you do it alone or with a group of your girlfriends, may take you away from the family for a day or two, but when you return both your own mental and physical health and your family will thank you! A burnt out mother isn’t beneficial for anyone!

So, what are some of the benefits of taking a mom break?

  • You start to get your patience back
  • You remember who you are and have time to think about you
  • You relieve that stress that is keeping you on the edge and making you irritable
  • You will be refreshed and be ready to handle the challenges of everyday life
  • You can refocus on the things you are trying to accomplish and get yourself back on track
  • You can spend some much needed time with friends who you may not see very often
  • Regular mom breaks can help prevent burn out
  • It will help bring back positive thinking
  • It will benefit your health by reducing stress and feelings of being overwhelmed

Aside from the personal benefits for yourself, it will also benefit your family! If you have a partner the children will have the chance to spend a little more time with “dad” and break away from the normal routine a little bit. If the children will be staying with another family member it will give them the chance to spend more time with those family members.

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So, how do you need when it’s time for a mom break?

Some telltale times that you may need a quick getaway to recharge yourself may include:

  • Losing your patience easily with normal day to day things, such as accident or a spilt drink
  • Constant need to be alone
  • Cutting corners with discipline and chores
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed with daily tasks
  • Feeling deprived of energy
  • Feeling like you are behind and can’t catch up

When you are burnt out everything, no matter how small, feels like an overwhelming and daunting task! You will feel worn down and the simplest mom tasks, such as giving your child a bath or doing the laundry, can seem impossible and take all of your energy. At this point a mom break is essential so you can improve your mental health and be more efficient as a mom!

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How to Plan Your Mom Break:

1.) Begin your planning well in advance

That’s right! Don’t wait until you’re on your last rope to decide you need a getaway! By that time you may be turning into monster mom, getting irritated by every little thing, and just not being effective in parenting or keeping up with daily tasks and household chores. At the beginning of the year, or at least a couple months in advance, figure out when you could get away and make it a priority!

2.) Decide whether you want to take a girl’s trip or go solo

Both can be refreshing, it is all about what you are looking for! Raising kids is time consuming (but well worth it-don’t get me wrong!) and probably leaves you little time to spend with friends. So if a weekend away with friends is what you are looking for, make it happen at least a couple times a year! Sometimes, though, all we desire is to spend some time alone to think, relax, and remember who we are! If that is the case, plan your solo weekend getaway!

3.) Decide what you want to do and where you want to go

The opportunities are endless and depending on where you are located can include city trips, beach getaways, a hiking or camping trip, a stay at a luxury resort….well, you get the picture! Decide on what you want to do and what kind of activities you want to enjoy. Are you looking for an adventure getaway or a relaxing day spent by the pool with a book type of trip?

From there, decide on how far away you want to go. For a weekend trip you will probably want to keep it somewhat local, but with air travel you could realistically spend a weekend on the other side of the country. Decide how far you are willing to go and determine your destination..

4.) Plan your budget

Planning your budget is necessary for any getaway. After you have chosen what you want to do plan out what you will need for accommodations, food, activities, and be sure to bring a little extra for spending for yourself! You deserve the chance to have a worry free spending budget, it just takes a little bit of planning!

5.) Put your plans into action

Now that you know when you want to go, who you want to go with, and where you want to go, put those plans into action! Don’t wait until last minute and try to throw something together (although this can be great to!). Book the hotel, the flight if needed, any activities you want to do, make sure your other half or a baby sitter will be available to care for your children, and whatever other tasks you may need to do to make sure that your getaway will become reality!

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10 Ideas for Your Next Mom Break:

Go to a Spa

What is more relaxing than a weekend getaway to a spa? Whether it be local or whether you make it a road trip, spending a day or two at a spa can help rejuvenate and recharge you. You can enjoy full body or specialized massages, soaking in a hot tube, skin treatments, steam rooms, and relaxing with a drink! In the evening simply relax and kick back in bed with a book or enjoy a girl’s night out.

Visit an All-Inclusive Resort

An all-inclusive resort is the perfect way to spend a weekend without the hassel of planning an itinerary. Most, if not all costs, will be included in the costs of the resort and you will find great food, drinks, activities, and maybe even some luxury accommodations included in your package. This eliminates some of the stress, almost guarantees a relaxing weekend, and is a great way to spend a mom break either with a group or by yourself.

Go on a Wine Tasting Tour

If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway with great food and more importantly drinks, a wine tasting tour might fit the bill! There are plenty of wine tasting tours located throughout the US and beyond, so no matter where you are situated in the world you are likely to be able to find something! Spend the days exploring vineyards, seeing how some of your favorite drinks are made, trying unique and local wine drinks, and relaxing in the countryside! Combine this with an evening soaking in a hot tube, reading a good book, or hitting the town for some shopping!

Take a shopping trip

What girl doesn’t love shopping? And with being a mom, it is undoubtable that most of your income is going to be going towards your child’s ever changing clothing sizes, school supplies, sports, filling the endless pits we call stomachs, and so on. So, set aside some money, plan a trip to one of the nation’s largest malls (or even a local one will do!) and enjoy splurging on yourself for a couple days.

For this I would recommend making out your budget and giving yourself a set amount to spend so that you can go, spend it, and not even think about it! Just have fun and treat yourself, we all need it once in a while.

Hit the Beach

With the sand between your toes, your favorite drink in hand, and the crashing waves as your background, worry and responsibility will be the last thing on your mind! Bring a picnic lunch or find a nearby restaurant or food truck, enjoy a tropical (alcoholic drink), take in the views and feel the heat of the sun on your back, all worry and stress free with no minis to keep an eye on!

Go on a Cruise

While some cruises are much longer and not doable as a weekend getaway, there are plenty of overnight and two day cruises that you can choose from. You can find two or three night cruises to the Caribbean/Bahamas or find destination specific tour companies that will take you on short cruises in the destination city area.

Another option is to take a day cruise, whether it be a sunset cruise, dinner cruise, and so on, and enjoy that in combination with doing some exploring of the destination, some shopping, relaxing at the hotel, or whatever you feel up to doing! Remember-this getaway is all about you!

Take a Road Trip

A road trip is the perfect option for a weekend getaway. While a road trip will probably more action packed than staying in an all-inclusive or heading to a spa, it may be just what you are looking for! Choose a final destination or just hop from place to place enjoying a variety of different destinations and activities! Seek out some remote destinations or visit some bucket list places you have been eyeing for some time! Whatever you choose, turn up the music and let yourself feel a little wild for a bit! There is something magical about a long drive through the country side with music blaring!

Visit a National Park

For those looking for an outdoor getaway a trip to a national park will give you just that! An abundance of national parks can be found in the Western United States with a few scattered in the Eastern United States, with plenty more spread around the world. Do some research, find one close to home or a distance away, and plan your getaway into nature and see some of the natural beauty this world has to offer. You can enjoy hiking and water sports or if you prefer a more restful excursion, there are plenty of national parks that offer scenic drives with plenty of breathtaking views you don’t have to work for to see!

Go Camping/Glamping

Camping, or glamping as is the new trend, is another great option for an outdoor weekend getaway. Opt in for an old fashioned tent camping site, rent an RV, or do some research on glamping sites that will make you feel like a queen out in nature! Simply relax at your campsite with a good book and fire or take a dip in a nearby lake or ocean, or make the trip a little more adventurous and hit some nearby hiking trails and explore the surrounding area.

Go For a Hike

One of my all time favorite quotes…”Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” Going for a hike can be the perfect escape to let all the stresses of daily life fall off your shoulders and give you the chance to rest and really get back to the basics. You will find yourself with plenty of time to think and get back to to the you that often gets buried in everyday life. You will feel like you again!

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Being a parent is a marvelous thing, but sometimes you just need some you time! Planning a mom break can help you rest and recharge!
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