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19 Best Places for Families in Mexico

Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and sunbathing often come to mind when considering what the best places for families in Mexico are. And don’t get me wrong-those things are great and absolutely should be a consideration when planning your next vacation, but Mexico has so much more to offer! A trip to Mexico should include a visit to the historic ruins scattered around the country, tasting of local foods, shopping in quaint downtowns, and a plethora of natural wildlife encounters.

From the ocean front destination of Tulum on the Carribean coast, the inland destinations of Mexico City, Puebla, and Oaxaca, and the Pacific Coast destination of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has no shortage of safe, adventure filled, family friendly vacation destinations. Consider these 19 destinations that should be on your Mexico travel bucket list!

ancient pyramid ruins of Chacchoben in Costa Maya Mexico.
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Chacchoben Ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico. Photo Credit: Navigation Junkie.

Mexico City

Recommended by Faith from 3 Tickets Please

Mexico City’s rich culture, outdoor activities and unique experiences make it one of the best places for families in Mexico. If you are a family that tends to enjoy the major cities of Europe, then Mexico City is definitely for you.  The city has more museums than any other city in the world. The amount of cultural experience makes Mexico City especially great for families with teenagers. Two museums that cannot be missed are the National Museum of Anthropology and the Frida Kahlo Blue House.

If museums aren’t your family’s thing, don’t worry. Mexico City still has you covered. The city has the sprawling Chapultepec Park to take in some green space. There is delicious street food at neighborhood markets, and an afternoon floating on the canal system at Xochimilco is a great way to spend a few hours.

Families that visit Mexico City should not miss a day trip to Teotihuacán. These ancient Aztec ruins are truly spectacular. You can enjoy them by taking a public bus, scheduling a private tour or even booking a bucket-list hot air balloon ride over the site.

Mexico City has beautifully temperate weather. Winters are around 71 degrees Fahrenheit and summers are around 76. So there is really no bad time to visit Mexico City. If you want to avoid the high season stay away during the peak December holiday travel. Whenever you decide to go, Mexico City is always an excellent choice!

ancient pyramid ruins in Mexico city
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historic building in Mexico city
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Photo Credit: 3 Tickets Please


By Dan from Layer Culture

When looking for the best places to visit for families in Mexico, why not head on over to Puebla? Located just 2 hours southeast of Mexico City you can connect with a different pace of life but still enjoy the city life. Not only will you find a host of museums and craft markets to explore with the family, but you can taste your way around the city and learn all about its culinary delights. Puebla is the original home of Mole Poblano (a super-thick chocolaty sauce that is made up of over 20 unique ingredients) and is a must-try while in the city.

Kids will love the mix of old and new that the city offers and the historic center is filled with charming historic buildings to discover. For the ultimate educational day, head over to Cholula, which is said to be the oldest city in the Americas without intervention since its ancient origins. It is in Cholula that you can climb the ancient Great Pyramid and get an amazing view of the city and on a clear day, even get views of Popocatepetl volcano in the background.

Cholula is a self-contained town with its own center and the great thing is that it is even cheaper than staying in Puebla, which is great if you’re traveling as a family on a modest budget. For most travelers, Puebla is worth visiting but the heat during the day can be unbearable for most, so be sure to select the cooler times of the day to go exploring, especially when out with the kids.

the tan/yellow colored walls of Cholula stand as one of the best places for families in Mexico
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Cholula. Image by Saul from Pixabay

Nuevo Vallarta

Recommended by Lora from Explore with Lora

Nuevo Vallarta is one of the best places for families in Mexico. Located on the coast of the Riviera Nayarit, Nuevo Vallarta offers pristine beaches, activities for all ages, and some of the best family-friendly hotels in the area.

One of the main attractions of Nuevo Vallarta is its stunning beachfront, which stretches for miles along the Pacific Ocean. The golden sands and crystal-clear waters provide the perfect playground for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports such as parasailing and jet skiing. 

Kids will love going to Aquaventuras Park, a popular water park with water slides and lazy rivers. The city also has several excellent golf courses, including the El Tigre Golf Course, which is perfect for a fun family day out.

Nuevo Vallarta offers a wide selection of all-inclusive family-friendly resorts to stay. A great option is the Hard Rock Hotel, which offers a kids club with tons of daily activities, board games, crafts, and music. It’s even pet friendly, so you can bring the whole family!

The best time to visit Nuevo Vallarta is during the winter months, from December to April, when the weather is warm and dry. The shoulder season during fall and spring can also be a great time to visit for better discounts on hotels and activities.

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Photo Credit: Photo by taly torres on Unsplash

Campeche, Mexico

Recommended by Sherry from Digital Nomad and a Dog

Campeche is located on the Yucatan Peninsula and is known for its fascinating history. Campeche was founded in 1540, making it one of the oldest cities in Mexico. Its colorful centuries-old colonial buildings are some of the most iconic sights, and visitors can explore the streets that were once home to pirates, conquistadors, and Mayan tribes.

Visiting Campeche, Mexico with your family is an unforgettable experience. The city is clean and safe. While some tourists are making their way to Campeche from nearby Merida, it remains one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. Keeping everyone entertained is easy. You can spend days exploring the many museums and cultural attractions without spending very much money.

Campeche is a walled city with parts of the original walls still standing. One of the best things to do in Campeche is to walk the walls. There are two places to do this – at the Sea Gate (Puerta de Mar) and at the Land Gate (Puerta de Tierra).Be sure to visit the City Museum (Museo de la Cuidad) to learn about the history of the pirates in Cozumel. You can even visit the dungeons and see what it was like when prisoners were held there.

If the kids get hot while exploring the city, stop in at the Parque Acuático, a fun waterpark just off the malecón (the walkway along the ocean). In the evenings take the family to watch the free light and water show at Fuentes Marinas Poesía del Mar. You’ll find the fountains on the malecón. Overall, for a great family vacation experience, Campeche, Mexico is an excellent choice. You’ll find plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained while learning about Mexico’s colorful history.

Puerto Vallarta

Recommended by Vicky of Buddy The Traveling Monkey

One of the best places for families in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta. It is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in the state of Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta is easy to get to with its own international airport, Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR).

Puerto Vallarta is especially great for families that are traveling on a budget. There are a lot of free things to do in Puerto Vallarta! Families will enjoy walking along the Malecon. This concrete boardwalk is a mile long and offers great views of the bay. Another popular attraction is Playa Los Muertos. It’s a popular beach near the iconic Los Muertos Pier. If your family would like a more low-key beach, however, visit Playa Olas Altas. It’s just south of where the Rio Cuale empties into the bay. It’s smaller but much less crowded.

Of course, the whole family will enjoy a visit to ChocoMuseo Puerto Vallarta. Upstairs there is a small exhibit with a history of chocolate and downstairs is a large variety of chocolate items for sale. The museum also offers multiple workshops where you can make your own chocolate.

To stay, consider Hotel Porto Allegro Puerto Vallarta. It is in a great location and within walking distance of many attractions. A buffet breakfast is included and the hotel is only a few blocks from the beach.

pier reaching out into the ocean of a turquoise beach in Mexico
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Puerto Vallarta. Photo Credit: Buddy the Traveling Monkey

Mahahual (Costa Maya)

Recommended by Melissa from Navigation Junkie

Mahahual offers history, oceanfront swimming, history, and family fun, making it one of the best places for families in Mexico. The Costa Maya region extends about 100 miles along the Yucatan peninsula in Quintana Roo. While Costa Maya is a popular cruise port, the small beachside village of Mahahual is only two miles away, easily reachable by foot, bike, or taxi and provides a more authentic feel. If arriving by land, Mahahual is about a four-hour drive from Cancun or two-and-a-half-hour drive from Tulum along highway 307.

A visit to the beach is a must for families visiting the Costa Maya region. Water sports are plentiful, and families can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and for families with older children, scuba diving. In Puerto Costa Maya, families can enjoy a variety of bird species at the Aviarus or visit Kakaw to learn about the history of Cocoa in Costa Maya.

A visit to Mahahual and the Costa Maya region should include a visit to the ancient Mayan ruins in the area. The Chacchoben Ruins are the most stunning in the area and only 45 minutes outside of Mahahual and can be reached by car or on a guided tour. Other options for viewing ancient ruins include the Kohunlich ruins and the Dzibanche and the Kinichna ruins, which are a bit further of a drive.

Families can also enjoy a visit to Bacalar and the Seven-Color Lagoon. Families can enjoy swimming on the shores of the lake at a beach club, taking a relaxing boat ride, kayaking, and paddleboarding on the lagoon. In Bacalar, the San Felipe Fort is a great place to visit to experience some of the area’s history. Visit downtown Bacalar for shopping, street art, and local dishes.

The best time to visit Mahahual is between the months of December and April. These months see the least rainfall and modest temperatures.

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Chacchoben Ruins. Photo Credit: Navigation Junkie.


Recommended by Robyn from Two Empty Passports

Pachuca is a colorful city located in the state of Hidalgo in central Mexico. With its rich mining history, interesting cityscape, and abundance of outdoor activities, Pachuca is a great destination for a family vacation.

Start your visit in the historic center with its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings that date back to the colonial era featuring a blend of European and Mexican designs. Families can learn about the city’s rich history on a walking tour and visit to the Mining Museum, with exhibits on mining techniques, machinery, and even a mine replica that kids will love.

Make sure to check out the Macromural de Palmitas, a massive colorful mural that was painted on all sides of every house in the neighborhood of Palmitas. Kids and adults alike will be amazed at the bright, vibrant designs which can be viewed up close and at a distance.

Football fans should head to the Mundo Futbol Interactive Museum, where kids can learn about the history of soccer and play interactive games. Or check out La Floresta amusement park, for a day of roller coasters, bumper cars, games, and other attractions.Beautiful natural landscapes surround Pachuca, so a visit to one of the national parks or lakes nearby is a must! Families can go hiking, biking, or horseback riding, or enjoy a picnic in one of the many parks.

The best time to visit Pachuca is during the dry season from November to April. The mild and sunny weather is ideal for exploring outdoor attractions or attending one of the many festivals that feature music, dance performances, and traditional food.

Finally, no visit to Pachuca would be complete without sampling a few delicious pastes. These homemade empanadas can be enjoyed in sweet or savory flavors!

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Pachuca. Photo Credit: Two Empty Passports.


Recommended by Soumya from Stories by Soumya

One of the best places to visit for families in Mexico is the beautiful, colonial town of Valladolid in the Yucatan peninsula. Pastel-colored buildings flank the quaint lanes of Valladolid and medieval churches dot the city making it an attractive cultural hotspot.

There are so many amazing, family-friendly things to do in Valladolid including taking a walking tour through the charming streets, checking out the impressive Cathedral of San Servacio, and relaxing at Francisco Canton Park that is literally the beating heart of Valladolid. There’s a colorful Valladolid sign where you can get the best family photo.

Chichen Itza is super close to Valladolid – just an hour away. Therefore, the colonial town makes for the perfect base to explore Chichen Itza as well as the pink lakes of Las Coloradas. There are numerous cenotes in and around Valladolid including the famous Cenote Suytun. If your kids love nature and would like to learn more about bees, you can sign up for this exciting Mayan bees tour.

When in Valladolid, be sure to try marquesitas (available at street vendors) which are crispy crepes filled with sweets and do not forget to have some refreshing gelato at Wabi Gelato

church sitting on a corner in Valladolid Mexico
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Photo Credit: Stories by Soumya


Recommended by Victoria from Guide Your Travel

Holbox is a small island located on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and it’s one of the best places for families in Mexico. It’s known for its laid-back atmosphere, pristine beaches, and unique wildlife. Holbox is a great place to relax and connect with nature, making it an ideal destination for families looking to unwind and explore.

One of the main reasons why families should visit the island, is the abundance of outdoor activities and fun things to do in Hobox that are available. The island is home to some of the best beaches in Mexico, where families can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and building sandcastles. There are also opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Holbox is also home to a diverse range of wildlife, including sea turtles, flamingos, and whale sharks. Families can take a boat tour to see these animals up close and personal, making for an unforgettable experience.

The best time to visit Holbox is from December to April when the weather is mild, and the sea is calm. This is also the best time to see whale sharks, which migrate to the area during this period.As for accommodation, Holbox has a variety of options to suit all budgets, from luxury resorts to rustic beach cabins. Some recommended places to stay for families are Villas HM Palapas del Mar, and Casa Sandra Boutique Hotel.

woman sitting on a beach chair under palm trees in Holbox, one of the best places for families in Mexico
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Holbox. Photo Credit: Guide Your Travel


Recommended by Lucy and Dan from Thoroughly Travel

Situated on the east coast of Mexico’s Baja California Sur peninsula, Loreto is a sleepy town popular with couples, retirees and families alike. Boasting pleasant weather all year round, Loreto is a safe and relaxing Mexican destination that is fun for all the family. The town itself is home to boutique stores and local restaurants, including Mezzaluna La Tabernita de Loreto Cocina Rústica, a lovely Uruguayan-owned Italian restaurant, and El Andador Café, a great place for brunch. The ocean front Malecón (boulevard) is a great spot for a walk or bike ride and features a multi-coloured Loreto sign.

Loreto sits on a large bay that is sheltered by 5 uninhabited islands. Known as Loreto Bay National Park, this area is home to some of the world’s best marine life. Between the months of January to March, blue whale watching trips give you the opportunity to see the largest animal on the planet. Sea lions and dolphins can be found playing around the islands while the elusive blue-footed booby can also be spotted on a wildlife watching trip. The bay is also a popular spot for diving, snorkelling and paddleboarding.

Outdoor lovers can enjoy plenty of hikes in Tabor Canyon or take a guided hike out into La Pinguica Mountain Range where 7000-year-old cave paintings make this area an important UNESCO World Heritage site. History buffs should head to the Jesuit Mission and Museum to learn more about the area’s history.

Loreto is easily accessible via Loreto Airport, which lies just outside the city. But the journey by car from other parts of Baja navigates through scenic mountain passes and takes around 4 hours from La Paz and 6 hours from Los Cabos.

colorful letters spelling Loreto along the beach front
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Loreto. Photo Credit: Thoroughly Travel.

Isla Mujeres

Recommended by Allison from Mexico Luxury Traveler

Located just off the coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a small tropical island offering a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. Known as the “Island of Women”, it is one of the best places for families in Mexico, with award-winning tropical beaches and various attractions that cater to all ages.

One of the main reasons to visit Isla Mujeres is its stunning beaches, most notably Playa Norte, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. The island is surrounded by bright turquoise waters, and its beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the sand. Families can also enjoy non-motorized water sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. 

There are plenty of activities to keep kids entertained, such as visiting Punta Sur (a park at the southernmost point of the island), snorkeling at various coral reefs, or taking a bike or golf-cart ride around the island.  

The island also boasts an abundance of marine life, and families can take a boat or catamaran tour around the island’s striking turquoise waters, or snorkel at the famous underwater sculpture museum known as “MUSA”.  Additionally, those visiting between the months of May-September can snorkel alongside whale sharks, gentle giants of the sea. 

Isla Mujeres is a safe and tranquil destination that offers an excellent opportunity for families to connect and spend quality time together. The island offers many different options for accommodations ranging from boutique hotels to luxury Isla Mujeres resorts.  One option that is great for families is Mia Reef Isla Mujeres, an all-inclusive family-friendly resort just steps from the famous Playa Norte. 

The best time to visit Isla Mujeres is between December and April when the weather is dry and sunny, making it perfect for outdoor activities. But with warm weather all year round, Isla Mujeres is a great destination for families no matter when you go.

turquoise waters and white sand beach of Isla Mujeres, one of the best places for families in Mexico
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Photo Credit: Mexico Luxury Traveler

San Miguel de Cozumel

Recommended by Melissa from Navigation Junkie

The largest island in the Mexican Carribean, the island of Cozumel is home to San Miguel de Cozumel, one of the best places for families in Mexico. The island sits about 7 miles off of Playa del Carmen on the eastern coast of Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo. San Miguel de Cozumel offers white sand beaches, downtown shopping, local restaurants and dishes, and plenty of family friendly activities.

Downtown San Miguel de Cozumel is a great destination for trying some local dishes, shopping, visiting art galleries, boutiques, and markets. The best part? The area is easily navigated by foot. Visit Benito Juarez Park, the town square, to find local vendors, colorful Cozumel letters, the iconic orange clock tower, and access to the malecon (boardwalk).

While San Miguel de Cozumel has plenty to keep your family entertained, you won’t want to miss visiting other parts of the island. Snorkeling and scuba diving is a popular activity in the area as it sits near the Mesoamerican Reef, which is the second-longest barrier reef system in the world. Rent a jeep or take a tour of the island and visit Punta Sur Eco Park. Go on a submarine expedition and go 100 feet below the surface to see the island’s ocean life. A day at one of the island’s many beach clubs is a great way to enjoy some watersports or a relaxing day on the beach.

San Miguel de Cozumel can be reached by ferry, flight to Cozumel International Airport, or cruise ship. The best time to visit San Miguel de Cozumel is between the months of November to April, when the weather will be milder and there will be less rain.

three motorcycles along the turquoise waters of Cozumel
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Punta Sur, San Miguel de Cozumel. Photo Credit: Navigation Junkie.

Oaxaca City

Recommended by Julien from Oaxaca Travel Tips

Located in southern Mexico, Oaxaca City is known for its vibrant culture, rich food, and artisan products. It’s one of the best places for families in Mexico whether you’re interested in history, culinary experiences, or simply wandering around to admire the architecture and get a taste of local life. 

Some of the best things to do in Oaxaca naturally revolve around food, whether you decide to take a cooking class together or explore the regional specialties at the local markets and restaurants. Families will also enjoy taking day trips to the nearby pueblos to visit artisan workshops and see the processes firsthand. Kids especially will like spending an afternoon in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca where you can learn about the alebijes whose mythical figures inspired parts of the movie Coco.

History lovers will want to explore the grounds of the several archeological sites near Oaxaca City. The most popular is Monte Alban which was an important center for the Zapotecs. Although the small ruins of Mitla and Yagul also offer insights into the indigenous cultures of Oaxaca. 

The best time to visit Oaxaca is in November since the rains have stopped yet the mountains are a lush green. It’s also one of the shoulder seasons which equates to fewer people and lower prices. Regardless of your preferred activities, Oaxaca is a family friendly city in southern Mexico that offers a rich cultural experience.

church building in Oaxaca, Mexico
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Photo Credit: Oaxaca Travel Tips

Guanajuato City

Recommended by Julien from Cultures Traveled

Guanajuato is a charming historic city located in central Mexico. It is known for its colorful buildings, narrow winding streets, and beautiful plazas. While it’s often considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, Guanjuato isn’t just a pretty face. Whether your family is interested in history, culture, or outdoor activities, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Guanajuato for everyone.

One of the things I love most about Guanajuato is the vibrant atmosphere among its picturesque streets. This university town is filled with music, art, and festivals throughout the year. The city is also home to a number of cultural and historical attractions, including the Mummy Museum, which houses a collection of naturally mummified bodies, and the Casa Diego Rivera, a museum dedicated to the famous Mexican artist.

Another thing that makes Guanajuato such a special place is its location in the mountains. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, which provide a stunning backdrop and offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

This area generally has mild weather throughout the year with chilly nights in the winter and rains in the summer. The best time to visit Guanajuato is March through May when the temperatures are moderate and before the rains begin. For a comfortable stay, book the Junior Suite at Antigua Trece Hotel, a modern hotel located in the center of the city.

colorful buildings of Guanajuato with mountains in the background.
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Guanajuato. Photo Credit: Cultures Traveled


Recommended by Catherine from Nomadicated

Located in the golden state of Guerrero, meander your way around Zihuatanejo’s boardwalk, “Paseo del Pescador,” before finding the best spot for your favorite beach activities. From Playa La Ropa to Las Gatas beach, kick back with a book or get adventurous by snorkeling in the largely protected lagoons that provide calm waters ideal for kids and beginners alike.

Day trips to Isla Ixtapa or Xihuacan Archeological Site are also great options for families looking to discover the greater area. Spot crocodiles in the sanctuary on Playa Linda before taking a boat ride out to Isla Ixtapa to pay on the white sand beaches. For those more interested in history, learn more about the area’s heritage at the Costa Grande Archaeological Museum before heading to the Xihuacan Archaeological Site. And the best part of the city? Strolling around after dinner, taking in the terracotta-hued architecture as the town square comes alive with nightly performances.

Zihua-Ixtapa enjoys balmy, pleasant weather all year long. The most popular time to visit is between December and April for those searching for a winter reprieve; however, this period also attracts the greatest number of tourists. Lastly, for seafood fanatics, try out the local delicacies offered at the many beachside restaurants. For more delicious options, take a trip down to the trendy Mercadito Zanka food court.

boats sitting on the shore of a beach surrounded by palm trees
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Photo Credit: Nomadicated


Recommended by Claire from Tales of a Backpacker

Tulum is one of the best places for families in Mexico on the Riviera Maya. It is smaller than Cancun and Playa del Carmen and has less of a party atmosphere, thanks to its humble beginnings as a small fishing village.

However, Tulum has grown a lot in the past few years, and you certainly won’t be bored here.  There are lots of things to do in Tulum for families to keep everyone happy, from visiting Mayan ruins at the Tulum Archaeological site to enjoying miles of beautiful beaches. 

Keep the kids entertained with snorkelling or diving in the cenotes (fresh-water sinkholes and caverns) as well as in the sea.  Dos Ojos cenote is popular for snorkellers and divers, and at Casa Cenote you might even meet a friendly crocodile!

To experience more of the local wildlife, head to nearby Akumal to join a tour to watch sea turtles swimming right off the beach.  You could also plan a trip to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to paddle a canoe around the mangroves and spot turtles, dolphins and other native animals.

When deciding where to stay in Tulum, beach-loving families will want to be in the Hotel Zone where many hotels have beachfront views or are just a few steps away from the sand.  Alternatively, accommodation in Tulum Pueblo means you can get a great deal and have a more authentic experience mixing with the local people in the restaurants and shops in town. Hiring bikes is a great way to get around so you can cycle between the beaches, the town and the Ruins, or hop in a taxi if it’s too far for young ones.

ancient ruins of Tulum overlooking the turquoise waters of the Carribean sea, best places for families in Mexico
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Photo Credit: Tales of a Backpacker

Playa del Carmen 

Recommended by Stephanie from History Fangirl

Playa del Carmen is a great city to base your family in to explore more of the Riviera Maya. The city has beautiful beaches to relax on, lots of great resorts and independent hotels that can accommodate families, and a great mix of restaurant cuisines and styles so there’s something for everyone in your group.

The most popular things to do in town for families beyond the beach include visiting the Parque Los Fundadores, visiting the Museo Frida Kahlo Playa Del Carmen, and walking Quinta Avenida. But even better than exploring the city itself is how connected Playa del Carmen is to the rest of the Riviera Maya and beyond. You can easily take a day trip to some of the area’s most popular attractions from PDC, including Cozumel, the Ruins of Tulum, Cancun, the MUSA Underwater Museum, and even out to Chichen Itza and Valladolid.

For families who want a little adventure, you can get out on the water in a catamaran or glass-bottomed boat, go snorkeling, and even get your PADI certification if the kids are old enough to scuba dive.

PDC is most popular during the dry season from November through April. However, its true high season is December through February.

white walls of a building in Playa del Carmen
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Playa del Carmen. Photo Credit: History Fangirl

La Paz

Recommended by Sara from Travel Mexico Guide

La Paz, located in the state of Baja California Sur, is one of the best places for families in Mexico. With its beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, and delicious food, La Paz offers an unforgettable experience for both parents and children.

One of the best activities to do in La Paz with kids is to go whale watching. From November to April, you can witness the majestic whale sharks in La Paz. There are also opportunities to swim with sea lions and watch dolphins. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that your family will never forget!

Another must-visit place is Balandra Beach, known for its crystal-clear turquoise water and soft white sand. It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Espiritu Santo Island is also a great place for snorkeling, with its abundance of marine life and stunning coral reefs. The little ones will have a blast!

Apart from water activities, the city’s atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, making it an excellent destination for families. With an abundance of parks, playgrounds, and family-friendly restaurants, La Paz caters to the needs of children, making it an excellent place for parents to relax while their kids have fun.

You can take a stroll on the Malecon, a boardwalk that runs along the sea, where you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean and the sunset. Besides, you can’t miss the ice cream at La Fuente ice cream parlor! The little ones will love having breakfast at María California, with its typical dishes and colorful decoration. And if you want to try the best skirt steak tacos or Baja-style fish tacos in La Paz, Los Claros is the perfect place.

The best time to visit La Paz is between November and April when the weather is mild and the sea is calm. However, if you want to witness the migration of grey whales, plan your visit between January and March.

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Lapaz. Photo Credit: Travel Mexico Guide.


Recommended by Daria from The Discovery Nut

Sayulita is a small surfing town located along the Coast of Nayarit on the Pacific side of Mexico. Once a quiet fishing village, Sayulita has grown into one of the most visited destinations in the region. Today, it’s a designated Pueblo mágico and a popular spot for surfing, hiking and wildlife watching. Sayulita is a great place for families because of the variety of activities including outdoor activities, a wonderful restaurant scene, and great weather year-round. 

Speaking of the weather, Sayulita has two distinct seasons, the high season and the low season. The high season in Sayulita lasts from December through April and has the best weather with plenty of sunshine and little rain. It’s also a great time to learn surfing in Sayulita when the conditions are perfect for newbie surfers. The downside of visiting Sayulita during this time is the high prices and big crowds, as many travelers make their way to enjoy the warm, sunny days.

The low season in Sayulita is from May through October and while prices are great, rain is frequent particularly in August and September and hurricanes are not uncommon. The best time to visit Sayulita is during shoulder months which are April and November. It’s not crowded, prices are budget-friendly and the weather is great. 

If you are traveling to Sayulita with your family, and are looking for a good place to stay, consider El Pueblito De Sayulita that has family rooms and is located a few minutes from the beach. This popular hotel has an on-site restaurant, free parking, an outdoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

two people walking along the beach with a surf board
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Photo Credit: The Discovery Nut

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