USA National Parks-The Perfect Family Getaway

There are 418 national sites across the United States, with 62 of them designated as national parks. These are areas that are protected by the US government to maintain the beauty and wonder of these sites. Whether you are looking to explore glaciers in Alaska, view the depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, orContinue reading “USA National Parks-The Perfect Family Getaway”

Hometown Series: Delhi, India

Week 4 Written by Travel Melodies This week we continue to explore the hometowns of travel bloggers around the world while diving into Delhi, India as told by local Anjali of Travel Melodies. Delhi is the capital of India and a pretty well known destination. However, taking a look at Delhi from the perspective ofContinue reading “Hometown Series: Delhi, India”

How to Pacify the Travel Bug When You Can't Travel

If you are anything like me, travel is something that is always on your mind. When you aren’t able to travel, it can leave that wanderlust getting even bigger. If you are unable to travel due to whatever reason (which is the case for the majority of us right now due to the corona virus),Continue reading “How to Pacify the Travel Bug When You Can't Travel”

Virtual Museums You Can Visit While Being Quarentined Due to Corona

The Corona Virus is undoubtedly taking it’s toll on all aspects of our lives, including travel.The world’s top tourist attractions are closed and the streets of some of the world’s favorite cities remain barren. In many areas the kids are home from school for an undetermined amount of time. As a family it may beContinue reading “Virtual Museums You Can Visit While Being Quarentined Due to Corona”

Hometown Series: Leeds, Yorkshire

Week 3 Written by Get Lost As the Corona Virus makes its way through across the globe and changes our current way of life, severely limiting our ability to travel, we will continue to focus on the beauty that can be found around us-our hometowns. I encourage you all to take the time to enjoyContinue reading “Hometown Series: Leeds, Yorkshire”

The Ultimate Guide to a Wicked Experience in Salem, MA (For Families)

Salem, Massachusetts is a small, picturesque town on the coast of Massachusetts. Salem is located just 22 miles from Boston, making it a must do day trip if you are visiting Beantown. Salem is the small town that was home to the 1692 Salem Witch Trails. During the trials 20 locals were sentenced to executionContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide to a Wicked Experience in Salem, MA (For Families)”

Hometown Series: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Week 2 Written by Ann Plans Travel This week we are continuing our series on hometowns. The purpose of this series is to remind us to never forget about the beauty of what is right around us and to discover all that these off the beaten path destinations have to offer. Last week my hometown,Continue reading “Hometown Series: Ann Arbor, Michigan”

Hometown Series: Herkimer, New York

Those of us who have permanently been inflicted with the travel bug constantly seek to explore the world, see the depths of the seas and tops of the mountains, go on new adventures, and uncover experiences we only imagined in our wildest dreams, but the beauty and charm of our hometowns should not be forgotten.Continue reading “Hometown Series: Herkimer, New York”

What You Need To Know About Planning For Your First Cruise

Cruises can be great…you get the relaxation and a stress-free atmosphere all while visiting multiple countries and experiencing multiple cultures in a short time frame. Once on-board 99% of the stress of vacation planning falls away, you don’t have to worry about transportation, time frames, parking, finding your destination, etc. However, it can take aContinue reading “What You Need To Know About Planning For Your First Cruise”