Spring Break Destinations: Off the Beaten Path

Spring Break is quickly approaching and families, couples, and solo travelers are gearing up for the much awaited chance to get away. We all know the well known Spring Break destinations, but this year I encourage you to think outside the box and visit a lesser known, but just as exciting destination. Why Should YouContinue reading “Spring Break Destinations: Off the Beaten Path”

A Guide to Walking the Freedom Trail: Boston, MA

Everything you need to know to take a self guided walking tour on the Boston Freedom Trail. Boston, MA is a thriving modern city that is filled with many historical sites and landmarks that hold the city’s rich history of national importance. Boston is home to many great attractions, restaurants, public parks, markets, shops, andContinue reading “A Guide to Walking the Freedom Trail: Boston, MA”

Best Travel Destinations for Families in 2020

2020 is now upon us and if you are anything like me you already have a mile long list of where you want to travel to in 2020. If you love to travel as a family, you may be looking for destinations that you can enjoy as an adult but also that will be aContinue reading “Best Travel Destinations for Families in 2020”

A Guide to Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Let your inner child run wild at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida! With so much to offer for every age group, the Magic Kingdom can take you back to the glory days of your youth and fill you with magic and joy. ***NOTE: The Magic Kingdom is for adults to! How can you makeContinue reading “A Guide to Disney World's Magic Kingdom”

Family Friendly Attractions in Plymouth, Massachusetts

With Thanksgiving upon us, it seems that now is the perfect time to discuss Plymouth, Massachusetts. Plymouth is full of rich history relating to the development of the United States. It is also believed to be where the first Thanksgiving Feast was held in 1621. Plymouth has a lot to offer for the whole family,Continue reading “Family Friendly Attractions in Plymouth, Massachusetts”

A Hike Up Overlook Mountain

A Hike Up Overlook Mountain-Catskills, NY New York is full of stunning and enjoyable hikes. There are hikes for all skill levels and physical shape. Catskill, NY is full of great hikes and is still a popular vacation destination. Overlook Mountain, which elevates 3,140 feet above Woodstock, NY, is one that offers stunning views, butContinue reading “A Hike Up Overlook Mountain”

20 Family Friendly Attractions in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., the capitol of the United States, has lots to offer! The city is full of family friendly attractions at low or no cost. It is a great option for any family vacation. Here are 20 free or inexpensive things to do with the kids: 1. Visit the National Zoo The National Zoo isContinue reading “20 Family Friendly Attractions in Washington, D.C.”

A Family Friendly 2 Day Itinerary in Montreal, Canada

Day 1: On day one we arrived to Montreal mid-afternoon. Our first task was to track down a currency exchange location and then we continued on our way to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Our first stop proved to be a very unfortunate start to our visit.  We arrived to the sight of fire trucks andContinue reading “A Family Friendly 2 Day Itinerary in Montreal, Canada”

15 Family Friendly Attractions in Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada is one of the most famous water falls in the world. It is full of great attractions and is a wonderful option for family vacations. Check out these 15 great family friendly attractions for your family! The Falls It goes without saying that the number one attraction in Niagara Falls, Canada isContinue reading “15 Family Friendly Attractions in Niagara Falls, Canada”

Road Tripping with Young Children: Ten Tips for Success

Road trips can be a great, exciting, and diverse experience, but a lack of planning and the presence of young children can result in disaster. I learned this first hand. Don’t get me wrong, I did do some planning and had the important things planned out, such as destinations and accommodations, but many things slippedContinue reading “Road Tripping with Young Children: Ten Tips for Success”