How to Pacify the Travel Bug When You Can't Travel

If you are anything like me, travel is something that is always on your mind. When you aren’t able to travel, it can leave that wanderlust getting even bigger. If you are unable to travel due to whatever reason (which is the case for the majority of us right now due to the corona virus),Continue reading “How to Pacify the Travel Bug When You Can't Travel”

Virtual Museums You Can Visit While Being Quarentined Due to Corona

The Corona Virus is undoubtedly taking it’s toll on all aspects of our lives, including travel.The world’s top tourist attractions are closed and the streets of some of the world’s favorite cities remain barren. In many areas the kids are home from school for an undetermined amount of time. As a family it may beContinue reading “Virtual Museums You Can Visit While Being Quarentined Due to Corona”

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while on the road is of great importance, especially in light of current events (I’m sure we have all heard about the coronavirus). Staying healthy can be a challenge for multiple reasons, including time constraints, getting in vacation mood when diet/exercise just doesn’t seem so important, and coming into contact with so manyContinue reading “How To Stay Healthy While Traveling”

Why Should You Give Solo Travel A Shot?

Dreaming of that big trip to ________? (You fill in the blank). But you haven’t taken it yet? Is it because you have no one to travel with? Do you ask and always get the response: “We don’t have the money,” or “We can’t take the time off of work,” or a million other reasons/excusesContinue reading “Why Should You Give Solo Travel A Shot?”

Planning Your First International Trip

International travel can be very overwhelming, especially your first time. There are so many steps involved in the planning, from entry into the country, transportation, accommodations, and activities. It is easy to forget or overlook a step, but to minimize stress and last-minute hassles be sure to complete the following tasks with plenty of time.Continue reading “Planning Your First International Trip”

Tips for Determining Your Next Travel Destination

Don’t let uncertainty get in the way or a great experience! Determining your next destination can be overwhelming, especially if your list is a mile long. The Earth is filled with beautiful, popular destinations and remote and underrated destinations. So how do you decide which place to go to next? If you are an avidContinue reading “Tips for Determining Your Next Travel Destination”

How to Save Money for Traveling

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to travel so frequently? Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could travel more, but I just can’t afford it?” You do not need to have an extravagant life style to be able to travel frequently. There are simple, every day things you canContinue reading “How to Save Money for Traveling”