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Why Airbnb?

Why Airbnb? Five benefits of choosing an Airbnb over a traditional hotel for your next trip (and a couple drawbacks). Airbnb has quickly become a trend in the travel community. […]

A 3 Day Itinerary for Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY is a medium sized city located about an hour outside Buffalo, NY. My daughter and I took a weekend trip here recently and discovered that it is full […]

30 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Budget Travel Tips When people hear about how often I travel, they often ask “How do you afford to travel so often?” or “It must be nice to have so […]

25 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

25 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling While travel and adventure is an amazing experience, there is always the safety aspect to be aware of. Traveling to a foreign country […]

Toronto, Canada: A One Day Itinerary

Toronto, one of Canada’s major cities, is the capital of Ontario. Toronto is full of entertainment and sightseeing opportunities and one could easily spend several days here. But what if […]