Best Travel Destinations for Families in 2020

2020 is now upon us and if you are anything like me you already have a mile long list of where you want to travel to in 2020. If you love to travel as a family, you may be looking for destinations that you can enjoy as an adult but also that will be aContinue reading “Best Travel Destinations for Families in 2020”

Visiting Puerto Rico as a Vegetarian (or Vegan)

Puerto Rico is home to many great, original dishes, but for the vegetarian these dishes may not be so appealing. Puerto Rican food, referred to as “cocina criolla” by the locals, is generally meat. For example, some classics are Chicharron (fried pork skin), lechon asado (barbequed pig), and many different types of seafood (it isContinue reading “Visiting Puerto Rico as a Vegetarian (or Vegan)”

Ten Family Friendly Things to do in Puerto Rico

1-Visit the Carolina Children’s Museum   Every young kid is sure to have a blast at Puerto Rico’s children’s museum. The museum is a 3 story museum offering many exhibits and play areas as well as a mini zoo outside, pedal boats, outdoor playground, and go-karts. HINT: If you need a break from the heat…thisContinue reading “Ten Family Friendly Things to do in Puerto Rico”

Eight Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

The US territory and Carribean Island of Puerto Rico is filled with natural beauty, rich culture, entertainment, food, and nightlife. Here’s why Puerto Rico should be on your bucket list! 1.) Ease of travel No passport needed! If you live in the United States flying to Puerto Rico is as easy as flying to theContinue reading “Eight Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico”