10 World Heritage Sites in Australia to Add to Your Bucket List

Introduction:  UNESCO world heritage sites are located throughout the world and have been deemed to have cultural, historical, or scientific significance by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Across the globe there are 1,121 sites, all of which provide visitors with unique experiences. To date there are nineteen world heritage sites in Australia. [...]

UNESCO world heritage sites are abundant around the globe. Find out why you should add these UNESCO sites in Australia to your bucket list.

Yellow Dog Village

Introduction: Yellow Dog Village is a partially abandoned mining town that was left to the elements after the final resident moved out in around 2011. The village once served as home to workers at the Buffalo Creek Mine, but after the mine's closing and many hardships residents were forced to move out. The village is [...]

Sitting partially abandoned in the small Pennsylvania town of Worthington is Yellow Dog Village. The village is the remnants of a mining town built in the early 1900's that had been left to succumb to the elements and vandals until being purchased in 2014. #yellowdog #yellowdogvillage #urbanexploration #abandonedphotography

Hometown Series: Utrecht, Netherlands

Introduction: With the current travel restrictions and quarantines in place, exploring our own backyards is becoming more of a trend. This week we continue the hometown series, where we explore all the great attractions from the hometowns of travel bloggers around the world. In previous weeks we explored Townsville, Australia, Delhi in India, Leeds in [...]

Hometown Series: Utrecht, Netherlands

16 of the Best African Safaris

Introduction: When you think of Africa, one of the first things your mind may be drawn to is the world famous African Safaris. It is believed that over 30 million people visit safaris in Africa every year. These safaris present the perfect opportunity for exploring the unique and diverse wildlife of the continent, get close [...]

16 of the Best African Safaris

The Worst Travel Advice

Introduction: As travel bloggers we are accustomed to providing readers with the best travel advice, tricks, and tips. But as we know, there is ALOT of pushback from people for those who travel frequently. People may offer up advice, intending to help, but in reality we who travel frequently know that taking that advice would [...]

Have you ever received bad travel advice that just doesn't fly? Here are several bad pieces of advice and a rebuttal.