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The Benefits of Family Travel for Kids’ Education and Personal Growth

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The Science Behind a Family Trip

Time is short. The time we actually get to spend with our entire family? Yeah, that’s even shorter. It’s a problem that every parent must face. How can we have a positive impact on our children? While at the same time giving them the best memories of their lives? Now imagine accomplishing all that within a diminutive time frame. Sounds impossible!

However, there is a way to have our children learn within an enriched environment while having some fun. A family vacation. Family vacations let us experience different cultures and create shared memories. But that’s not all. Few are aware of all the benefits that seeing new places can bring us. It’s quite mind-blowing!

Why Is Traveling With Your Kids Important?

Well then? Out with it! What exactly makes traveling with kids so mind-blowing? The headaches? The constant complaints? No, research shows that travel experiences can improve many brain systems and functions within your child and even yourself.

Call it world schooling. Something that can’t be picked up at any old ski resort.

What better way to improve your child’s social skills and aid in their self-discovery than by having them interact with new cultures? Any child psychotherapist will agree that showering your child with material gifts at an early age is not the way to better set them up for life and its challenges.

Explore new things with your child. The benefits to their minds, bodies, and emotional well-being neurochemicals are immense.

The Many Wonders of Quality Family Time

1.) Educational Benefits

Do you know what’s the fastest way to learn a new language? The best way to improve an existing skill or even learn a new one? Immersing yourself within it. Whether a new form of communication or a handy skill.
Surrounding yourself with an area that heavily revolves around certain skills challenges your mind. Almost forcing it to assimilate into the new environment. It should go without saying that the learning opportunities that new places bring us are innumerable. There is also no need to worry. All that learning will tire you out, but it’s nothing that a day at the beach can’t solve.

2.) Improved Brain Development

Aiding your child’s brain development is best done when they are young. A family vacation stimulates their mind. Making it easier for them to learn new topics, even as they grow older. You’ll also be aiding their emotional well-being. The result is a drop in the probability that they will suffer from depression in their adult years. We all have two brain systems. A vacation properly assists both sides of our minds. Developing them in tandem. It’s a strange thing to consider. A week in a new country could help them get better grades in school. It almost sounds too good to be true!

3.) Whole Family Bonding

Let’s take a short break from all the talk about educational development and brain growth. I don’t want to be misinterpreted. While the aforementioned topic is great, we have to remember one thing. Humans are social animals. And what’s important to social animals is having a stable and loving home life. When we strengthen our ties with our children, it teaches them many things. That they can trust us and vice versa.
Wouldn’t it be great for your child to see you not just as a parent but also as a friend?

4.) Develops a Sense of Adventure

Having a “go-getter” attitude is essential in the modern day. That kind of mindset can propel one onto many great things. One big travel gain of vacationing with your kids is unleashing their adventurous side.
By turning them into bonafide explorers, you are instilling a propensity of curiosity within them.
As they grow, they’ll learn to be mystified by the world. Willing to learn. Open to trying new things. Thereby further enriching their own lives. Think about it, doesn’t tearing through some of the best ski resorts in the world sound thrilling?

5.) Boost in Self Confidence

A confident child is a happy child. A happy child means less screaming. Fewer screams mean more silence. And well… silence is golden! All this aside, a growth in confidence is directly correlated to an increase in motivation. The more motivated your child is, the better their grades. Confidence also leads to resilience. Life is tough. Being strong enough to take what it can throw at you and motivated enough to keep pushing through is essential.

6.) Alleviates stress

We all hate stress. It pains us in different ways. Your shoulders tense. Your head hurts, and it’s difficult to think at all. Stress within a child increases as they get older. A sad but sobering truth! A family vacation can recharge their batteries. Draining them of whatever is currently an issue. In fact, the same benefits would apply to you. If there is anyone that knows anything about stress, it’s parents.

7.) Happy Memories and Joy

Whenever those sleepless nights roll around, my favorite thing to do is relive a happy memory. Happy memories relax me just enough to help me doze off. Several studies and my personal experience show that happy memories increase our positive emotions. Even if the memory in question occurred several years ago.
Think of them as a set of skis. Ones that let you skate through life’s dreary days. Aside from this, let’s think logically. Who wouldn’t want more happy memories?

8.) Gets Your Kids Out of Their Comfort Zone

The comfort zone. Sounds great and feels even better. Unfortunately, we can’t live our lives stuck within it. Despite my best efforts. But helping your child step out of their comfort zone doesn’t have to be all bad.
When they break free from what they are used to, they grow. Life is all about growing and improving. Sadly, the amount of growth that can take place within a comfort zone is smaller than the growth that can occur outside of it.

9.) Perfect For Gaining Valuable Experience

Experiences are what life is all about. Not only are they essential for our development but also our quality of life. What happens in our childhoods helps form the adults we one day become. Giving your child as many happy memories and new experiences as possible should be your imperative. It’s a great way to help them have a more fulfilling life. One that they can be proud of!

10.) Increases Social Intelligence

In a world of constant advancements in AI technology and social media, having high social intelligence is the most important skill. Several studies have shown that the higher your social intelligence, the higher the probability of success in your career and relationships. IQ is not important at all. Rather, how well your child can empathize and understand others. That there is a clear barometer of one’s overall potential. It’s a great thing, then, that diving headfirst into a new culture does grow your social intelligence.

11.) Planning and Preparation Skills

Have you ever gone on a vacation before? In case you haven’t, allow me to impart some wisdom to you. You are going to forget something. It’ll probably be something important. However, it’ll teach you and your children how to better plan and prepare for future endeavors.

12.) Learning about Great Figures in History

There is no “one history.” Each nation has its own version of events. The truth can only be pieced together by drawing all these stories together. When you visit a new land, you become a student once more.
By learning about the customs and traditions of your new environment, you are expanding your mind. As well as your child’s.

13.) Helps Dispel Stereotypes

In my opinion, this is the greatest benefit of a vacation. Social media, the news, television, and movies taught citizens all over the world incorrect and downright offensive stereotypes. Stereotypes are incredibly damaging because they are a symptom of lazy thinking.

Can some stereotypes have a grain of truth to them? Yes, but the truth is never as egregious as stereotypes make them out to be. Just because it may be true in one instance doesn’t mean that it can be applied to a nation as a whole. Nothing shows you how incorrect stereotypes are then actually traveling to a country and seeing for yourself.

My Closing Thoughts

A parent’s happiest memory will always be one that includes their family. A parent’s biggest regret? Something they wish they had done with their children but never did. Your child may be at a young age now, but one day that will no longer be.

Time doesn’t fly. It sprints away from us. Make your next vacation a family affair. The key to a better understanding within families is shared experiences. So then, quickly! Before the new school year ruins your plans and your child’s happiness. Head forth and set sail.

There are hundreds of new countries waiting to be explored. Dozens of quality ski resorts to shred through. Enjoy it all.

The Benefits of Family Travel for Kids’ Education and Personal Growth
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