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Going Where the Wind Takes You (US Destination Ideas)

Sometimes you just need to reset. To rest, recharge, and relax. While you could do something close to home, getting some distance gives you a chance to step outside yourself, let go, and gain perspective. It can also introduce you to different parts of the country. In fact, you might even enjoy your “reset” vacation so much that it becomes your next “go-to” destination or even future home! Navigation Junkie can help you find both popular and unique travel spots, whether you’re flying solo or traveling as a family or with friends!

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Choosing Where to Go

There are countless beautiful, energizing, and peaceful cities across the nation, and the one you decide to visit should reflect your personal needs and interests. For one person, laying on the beach for a week is a bore – for another, a dream come true! Think about your budget, how far you’re willing to travel, and what type of location and activities fit your needs. Do you want to commune with nature in the Pacific Northwest? Ski some slopes? Relax in a high-end wellness retreat? Give careful consideration and weigh your options – think about the current climate and whether there are “high” or “low” seasons to be aware of before booking your travel.

US Destinations to Consider

Seattle, Washington

According to U.S. News, Seattle is an art lover’s destination. If art soothes your soul, you’ll want to visit Chihuly Garden Glass. If the great outdoors bring you pleasure and personal peace, Discovery Park is the place to be. From hiking trails and beaches to a cultural center, you’re sure to be inspired.

Don’t forget to take in the city skyline and the stunning beauty of Mount Rainier. Not only is Seattle a beautiful place to visit, but you may find yourself a happy resident as well. Seattle apartments range from $1,800-$2,300 per month, and options include apartments, condos, townhouses, and single-family homes. You can search by area, price, square footage, or amenities, and even take online 3D tours!

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Seattle, Washington.

Telluride, Colorado

There’s no place in the country quite like Telluride, Colorado. According to PlanetWare, it’s here that you can find respite in fine food and dining and breathtaking natural vistas. Part of the Colorado Rockies/San Juan Mountains, you’ve probably seen Telluride’s ski slopes, restaurants, and shopping venues splashed across the pages of Hollywood magazines. There’s a reason celebrities go there to rest and recharge.

Whether it’s incredible spa days, snow sports, making your way through Black Bear Pass, or attending the annual Telluride Film Festival, there’s a way to immerse yourself and leave your troubles behind in this historic mining town. Don’t forget to pack warm and chic!

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Telluride, Colorado

Marco Island, Florida

Does a day on the water bring you peace and tranquility? Florida Trippers says Marco Island, Florida’s offerings are sure to put the wind in your sails. Whether you’re fishing or pleasure boating in the Gulf Coast, delving into the Marco Island History Museum, or exploring the Florida Domes wildlife preserve, you’re sure to be entranced.

If sunbathing and people-watching are for you, Keewaydin Island beach is a must-see destination. If you have a fur baby in tow, this beach welcomes pets – perfect if your pup needs a rest-and-recharge retreat as well! Marco Island is both single and family-friendly and is in close proximity to other South Florida beach destination cities.

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Marco Island, Florida.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is home to some of the most stunning red rock formations in the world. Not only is this historic town an incredible natural beauty, it’s also known for its healing spa retreats and meditation excursions. Sedona’s vortexes, or supernatural “hot spots” offer a way to connect with the true energy of nature – the area is known for its spiritual and healing offerings.

Jeep and hiking tours offer a chance to explore the desert. You can even go on a wildlife tour in Red Rock State Park, visit art galleries in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, or visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross – a man-made wonder. If you explore at the right time, you may find yourself in the midst of a Native American art festival. Have an extra day? A trip to the Grand Canyon is definitely in order.

red rock formations of Sedona, Arizona
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Sedona, Arizona.

Mount Shasta, California

If you’re prone to California dreaming, Mount Shasta, California could be the perfect getaway. Are you up for wilderness camping? Or do you prefer the full-scale serenity of a sacred space? Shasta Abbey – a Buddist monastery – offers a stay filled with mindful meditation.

In addition to the grandeur and beauty of nature, you can also find delectable dining opportunities and the chance to take idyllic bike rides or go hiking on any number of natural trails. Castle Lake is a place known for its beauty, but you can also explore sacred tours, designed to refresh the soul. If high energy is what you need, kayaking and rafting can bring you to life!

Mount Shasta, California
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Mount Shasta

Benefits of Self Care

Whether you’re taking a vacation on your own or with friends or loved ones, consider it a journey of self-care and discovery. We all need the opportunity to step back from the hustle, bustle, and stress of everyday life once in a while to reset and feel rejuvenated. Lowering your stress levels is good for your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. Even if you can’t afford the time or money to take a trip afar, carve out time and space in your own geographic area. Even an overnight or weekend retreat where you can pamper yourself and tune out from the distractions of everyday life will make you feel whole again.

Traveling opens you up to all kinds of new things. You may find you enjoy a different climate, a different landscape, or that you feel especially connected to a place through its people, food, culture, and art. If you’ve considered relocating, taking a vacation in a destination of interest can give you a feel for what it might be like to live there. Consider a rental (or rentals) to get a feel for different parts of a city before making a permanent move. 

Navigation Junkie has all the insights when it comes to travel – whether you’re going abroad, looking for a beach vacay, or you want to uncover hidden gem locations, the site provides tips, tricks, and insights into making the most of your travel.

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Going Where the Wind Takes You (US Destination Ideas)
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