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How Stressed-Out Entrepreneurs Can Save Money and Have a Great Weekend Getaway Trip

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to stress. Whether you are just launching your venture or are an established business, you’re consistently juggling several tasks at once, which can lead to burnout and an unhealthy work-life balance. It’s important to take time off, but it can be hard to take long stints of time away when you’re running the show. The answer: a weekend getaway trip!

Weekend getaways are the perfect chance to unwind while adding a little adventure to your life. What makes them even more enjoyable is when you do them on a budget. Here are five great ideas & tips for planning your weekend getaway trip:

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Prepare Your Home Before Heading Out

First of all, ensure that your home is ready and secured for your getaway. For example, arrange for a neighbor, friend, or family member to take care of any pets that won’t accompany you on your trip. If you’re going on an extended getaway, having them collect the mail will help prevent your home from appearing unoccupied. Lastly, and for your own peace of mind, hire a locksmith to have a look at the locks on your doors. Find a local locksmith on sites like Angi so you can check out customer reviews and ratings. 

Pick Somewhere Nearby

Frommer’s suggests another way to save money on your trip is to pick a destination that is relatively close to where you live. For instance, if you live within a few hours from the mountains or beach, take a mini road trip; not only will it save you from having to fly or rent a car, but you can also rest assured knowing that your trip home won’t be a long one. If you don’t have access to mountains or beaches, there are plenty of national and state parks that are worth your time to visit. Many vacationers have skipped the hotel scene and opted for RV camping.

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Take a Chance with Last-Minute Bookings

This may sound irresponsible, but it can prove to be a money-saver: Wait until the week before your trip to make reservations. If your destination requires you to fly, you can often find amazing last-minute deals due to cancellations and other reasons; Saturdays, for example, are a good day to book flights because more discounts are typically offered. Likewise, it’s easier to find good deals on hotels when you wait until it’s almost time to leave for your trip. Don’t forget to check daily deals for sites like Expedia to find additional ways to save.

Pack Sufficiently

Packing is an essential part of taking a trip if you want to stick with your budget. Having to make little purchases like toiletries, snacks, drinks, toys for the kids, comfortable clothing (a good pair of leggings, for example), and weather-appropriate clothing (e.g., swimsuits, snow boots, raincoats) can add up quickly. You won’t always be able to pack everything you need but taking time to prepare your bags will make a difference in your budget. Pack enough items to enjoy on the road and at your destination. Also, use apps like Ibotta to help save some money on these important vacation essentials.

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Eat Out Once a Day

Eating at restaurants makes up for a large part of travel expenses. While you should be able to look forward to trying out new restaurants, refraining from eating out every meal of the weekend will save you a good chunk of money. Instead, Intentional Travelers recommends going to the grocery store when you arrive at your destination. Buy enough groceries to prepare two meals a day, and plan to eat out for one meal. If you’re staying somewhere with cooking capabilities, try some new dishes so that you still get new food experiences on your trip.

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Stressed-out entrepreneurs can — and should — book a fun and revitalizing weekend getaway trip every now and then, and you don’t have to spend a lot if you use a few smart strategies. Remember to research the internet for great travel deals. Choose a destination that is within driving distance and try your hand at making reservations last-minute. Give special attention to what and how you pack, and plan to buy groceries when you arrive at your destination. See if saving money doesn’t make you appreciate your mini-vacation even more!

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Everyone deserves a weekend getaway trip occasionally, especially entrepreneurs who have the weight of their business on their shoulders!
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