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Sand Free? Tesalate Beach Towel Review

If you’re a beach lover, no doubt at one point or another you have come back from dipping your feet into the ocean waves to find a towel completely covered in sand! And if you travel with kids, there’s probably a 99% chance that your towels will be completely covered with sand before leaving the beach.

If this is true for you, you may have found yourself at one point wishing for a sand free beach towel that will eliminate the added stress of a sand filled beach towel. We have news for you! Tesalate offers such a towel, and the best part? It actually works!

calm body of water beside sand
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Disclosure: Tesalate sent us a free beach towel for this review. The views expressed in this post are honest and reflect my personal opinions after use of the towel. We do not get any further compensation from Tesalate.

What is a Tesalate Beach Towel?

Tesalate is an Australian based company that produces sand free beach towels and antibacterial workout towels. The inspiration came to the creators after a situation similar to that described above, with a water soaked and sand filled towel after spending a day at the beach.

Tesalate Towels comes in different sizes and many different bright and beautiful designs, so there is no shortage to choose from! The towels come in both single person size and XL, which is great for couples or families heading out for a beach day!

The listed benefits of a tesalate towel according to the company are sand free, absorbent, rapid dry, and compact & lightweight. So when tesalate offered us a towel to try out, we couldn’t resist! Read on to see what we discovered!

Tesalate Beach towel and bag
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The small bag tesalate towels come in.

What Are the Benefits of a Tesalate Beach Towel?

Sand Free: Your average beach towel is not sand resistant, but rather sand attracting. Tesalate towels, however, help to save you the struggle of both carrying the weighted down beach towel and leaving a trail of sand behind you in the car and house after visiting the beach.

At first, I was a little skeptical and did not fully believe that such a thing could exist. After all, pretty much every beach trip I have ever taken has involved a sand filled towel. But after receiving and trying out the Tesalate towel, I can confidently say that it really does work to keep the sand from sticking to you!

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you won’t find sand on your towel from time to time, but that when it does get on there, it will more easily shake off.

Water Absorption & Fast Drying: Tesalate towels are said to be water absorbent and able to absorb up to 1L of water. To be honest, I did not attempt this, but when using the towel did notice that it was much more absorbent than the average towel and dried much quicker. It was nice not to have to drag a weighted down towel home at the end of the day!

Many Designs to Choose From: One of the best things about Tesalate towels is the many bright and colorful design options. We choose the Lazy Dazy design with white and orange pineapples scattered across the towel, but you can choose from the many designs including tie dye, butterflies, flowers, and a variety of patterns.

Extra bonus: the small bag that the towel comes in is great for both storage and transport. Unlike a normal large, fluffy beach towel that tends to take up a lot of space, tesalate towels can be folded up and stored in the small bag it comes with, saving lots of space!

Lazy Dazy tesalate beach towel
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Tesalate’s Lazy Dazy Beach Towel Design.

What Are the Cons of a Tesalate Beach Towel?

While the cons are having a tesalate towel are minimal, it is worth mentioning that one minor set back is the price. Tesalate towels run at $59 for a single towel and $99 for the XL towels. Without knowing all the benefits the towels bring, one might be hesitant to splurge on a beach towel, but after using one, it is obvious that the price is well worth it!

tesalate beach towel
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Lazy Dazy Towel.

Final Thoughts

So, if I had the chance, would I purchase another tesalate towel?

Absolutely! But I think I would opt to try one of their XL towels for the added space.

Although the price is a bit more than you would pay for your average beach towel, the added benefits of tesalate towels makes the jump well worth it! Traveling with kids has many day to day stressors, so anything that can help reduce those struggles is welcomed! Tesalate towels certainly contribute to a wonderful day spent at the beach with easier clean-up!

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Review of the sand free, water absorbent, & lightweight tesalate beach towel, the perfect solution for a less stressful trip to the beach!
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