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How To Take Great Photos During Your Next Family Vacation

As destinations slowly become safer and more people are getting vaccinated, more and more Americans are expressing an interest to travel.

In fact, two surveys by Wyndham Destinations and American Express Travel found that family travel is what’s currently kicking travel and tourism back into gear. Family reunions, extended vacations, and guided tours are among the top reasons why families are looking to book trips as soon as possible.

So if you happen to be a family that hasn’t traveled in a long while — but are eager to — it is imperative that you cherish your new moments by taking a couple of pictures to remember these experiences by. But how do you take the very best family photos during your upcoming vacation? Below are a few tips.

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Tips For Take Great Family Vacation Photos

Use the right camera

While taking family pictures with your smartphone is a viable option, having a proper camera will make a big difference in the quality of your pictures.

Because you are traveling, opt for a camera that is lightweight, easy-to-use, and portable. This makes a point-and-shoot camera the perfect choice. True to its name, a point-and-shoot camera only requires you to understand the most basic camera settings. But due to their high megapixel CMOS sensors, powerful processors, and built-in lenses, a point-and-shoot camera offers high-quality results. For instance, the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II has a 20-megapixel resolution and a 4.2x optical zoom with image stabilization, boasting clear images without the need to break the bank.

Invest in a travel tripod

Usually, pictures with all the family in are rare when traveling, because there is always one person behind the camera. That is why a travel tripod is an absolute must. These travel tripods are commonly made from aluminum and carbon fiber, so they may be a bit pricier. But they offer almost the same level of stability as full-sized ones, so they are well worth paying a few extra bucks. For starters, check out the Vanguard VEO 2 GO 235CB. Made from carbon fiber, this travel tripod has a dual-section telescopic column and can be folded to just 33cm.

Capture the action

Parents know the struggle of dealing with grumpy or overly excited kids, who refuse to sit still and smile for the camera. So instead of forcing them to cooperate, capture them in their natural state. Take candid photos of them in action, whether they are playing at the beach or looking at nature. You can even join in on the fun with a couple of selfies. These candid pictures will reflect your vacation as it is, allowing you to remember even the most minute details of your trip.

Let your kids take pictures

While your kids might be reluctant at first, you’ll be surprised how excited they get when you put them in charge of taking photos of the family. Plus, it encourages creativity and independence. If you’re worried about them accidentally damaging your camera or smartphone, don’t be. There are kid-friendly cameras that are appropriate for beginners yet complex enough to unleash their inner artist, like the Nikon Coolpix W150. The camera is waterproof and very durable, making it especially suitable for younger kids. It also has easy-to-press buttons and a simplistic design.

Nowadays, traveling as a family is not as easy as before, so there is even more reason to take good photos. After all, you need tangible memories to look back on, especially in these trying times. If you need some additional travel ideas, especially for the holiday season, take a look at this list of family destinations for you to consider when booking your next vacation.

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Check out these tips on taking great family vacation photos to remember and cherish your family vacation together for years to come!
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