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Best Hot Springs For Families in the USA

When one thinks of hot springs, relaxation often comes to mind, and rightfully so! The United States is littered with geothermal springs that fit the bill for a perfect relaxing family getaway. These hot springs may come in the form of natural springs reached after a long day of hiking or a family friendly spa resort. No matter what you are looking for, you will find plenty of hot springs for families in the USA!

Not only do these hot springs offer the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, many also contain various minerals that offer health and healing benefits, another great reason to plan a trip to a Hot Spring! As you will see through discussion of the following fifteen perfect family friendly Hot Springs destinations, you can plan a trip entirely devoted to visiting a Hot Spring, or one complete with other family friendly adventures!

A visit to a hot spring can be enjoyed in warm weather and cold weather alike (and sometimes even better in winter!), so do consider a winter vacation to a hot springs! A day of winter sports would be ended perfectly with an evening spent relaxing in a private hot spring bath or natural spring!

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15 Hot Springs For Families in the USA

Travertine Hot Springs

Bridgeport, California

The Travertine Hot Springs are located in Bridgeport, California and easily accessed from a parking area off of a dirt road. This easy access makes the Travertine Hot Springs one of the best Hot Springs for families in the USA. Along with the soothing, relaxing waters you will also be treated to stunning Sierra Mountain views. Travertine is a sedimentary rock that is formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals from solution in the ground and surface waters and/or geothermally heated hot-springs. The source water for Travertine Hot Springs can get as hot as 120°F during the warmer seasons.

Travertine Hot Springs has a small cement tub and three rock bottom tubs. The small cement tub is usually at 100°F and the rock bottom tubs are usually at about 98°F. Access to Travertine Hot Springs is free, making it popular and therefore sometimes very crowded.

****Warning to parents: clothing is optional at Travertine Hot Springs, so this is something to be aware of before considering a visit with young children. You will find that most choose to wear swimsuits.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Bodie State Historic Site, Visit Mono Lake, Adventure Center at Mammoth Mountain (ziplining, climbing wall, gondola rides), Devil’s Postpile and Rainbow Falls, Yosemite National Park, Old Schoolhouse Museum, Hot Creek Geologic Site

Travertine Hot Springs, hot springs for families in the USA
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Travertine Hot Springs. Photo Credit: John Fowler on Flickr.

Buckeye Hot Springs

Bridgeport, California

Buckeye Hot Springs are located within Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest just outside of Bridgeport, California. The Hot Spring lies along the Buckeye Creek and mineral water flows over a calcium rich mini-waterfall. The source water is about 112°F, but cools down when flowing into the pool, making the waters a great temperature for soaking. There are two hot springs areas. One is the rock walled area below the mini-waterfall and the other is a rock wall with a mud bottom. The latter features stunning views of the Sierra Mountains creek.

Access to the Buckeye Hot Springs requires a small hike down hill from a dirt road parking area, but is easily accessible for all ages. The Hot Spring is clothing optional, but you will again find that most wear swimsuits and it is common to see families enjoying the springs.

Buckeye Hot Springs is located within a half hour’s drive from Travertine Hot Springs, making a visit to both of them very doable. You will also find the same nearby family-friendly attractions to enjoy.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Bodie State Historic Site, Visit Mono Lake, Adventure Center at Mammoth Mountain (ziplining, climbing wall, gondola rides), Devil’s Postpile and Rainbow Falls, Yosemite National Park, Old Schoolhouse Museum, Hot Creek Geologic Site

Buckeye Hot Springs, Hot Springs in the USA for Families
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Buckeye Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Jennconspiracy on Flickr.

Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs

Buhl, Idaho

Miracle Hot Springs & Banbury Hot Springs are found on a commercially run resort that offers easy public access to both public pools and private bath rentals, as well as opportunities for overnight camping in Glamping Domes, tent sites, and RV sites.

Miracle Hot Springs contains four outdoor hot spring pools and 24 private hot springs tubs. The pools are sourced by 160° waters, but the pools range at comfortable temperatures from 95-105°F and the private tubs start at 103°F. The private rooms are also roofless, perfect for star gazing at night.

Banbury Hot Springs is located about 1.5 miles from Miracle Hot Springs. Banbury Hot Springs is located along Snake River. The waters at Banbury Hot Springs are sourced by Artesian mineral bubbling from the Earth. The waters measure at 138°F, but are cooled to a comfortable bathing temperature by cold spring water from the Snake River Aquifer. Banbury Hot Springs contains a large swimming pool and 5 private baths.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Snake River Canyon Trail, Balance Rock, Shoshone Indian Ice Caves, Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Shoshone Falls

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Spanish Fork, Utah

Located along the Fifth Water Creek, there are several soaking areas at Fifth Water Hot Springs (also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs) and two main waterfalls. These Hot Springs are perhaps one of the most scenic in the US and the range of temperatures among the pools make it one of the best hot springs for families in the US.

The main soaking pools are found at the foot of the main waterfall, the first one you will come along while hiking the trail. There is a second waterfall a little ways up the stream and two soaking pools between the two waterfalls. The temperature of the water varies from pool to pool, so get a feel for the options before deciding on one to soak in.

Access to Fifth Water Hot Springs requires a 4.5 mile out and back hike, but the hike is not difficult. The trailhead is marked and found along Diamond Fork Road, where you will also find some parking.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Spanish Oaks Reservoir, North Park Splash Pad, Spanish Fork Canyon, Explore the BYU Campus, Canoe on the Provo River, Provo Rec Center, Burriston Ponds

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Burns, Oregon

The Crystal Crane Hot Springs (also referred to as Crane Hot Springs) is a family owned RV park centered around the hot springs in Burns, Oregon. Crystal Crane is a 160 acre resort with options for cabins, inns, and teepees with private soaking tubs. Visitors can also choose from camping sites or RV sites. If you are looking for a remote getaway, Crystal Crane will be one of your best options for hot springs for families in the USA.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs contains six private cedar bathhouses and a hot springs pond. Water is pumped into the pond from two artesian wells with temperatures of 180°F and 120°F and mixed with water from a cold water well. The temperature range is normally 98° to 103°F.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Harney County Historical Museum, Hiking at Steens Mountain, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Alvord Desert

Crystal Crane Hot Springs
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Crystal Crane Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Amy Meredith on Flickr.

The Springs Resort and Spa

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

The Springs Resort and Spa is located in Pagosa Springs, sitting along the San Juan River and surrounded by the San Juan Mountains. The Springs Resort and Spa is fed by the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring, the Great Pagosah Spring. The spring was measured to 1,002 ft. in 2011, but its truth depth is unknown. While the Great Pagosah Spring can not be soaked in itself due to high temperatures, it supplies the 24 soaking pools with water.

The Springs Resort and Spa features 24 natural geothermal soaking pools ranging in temperature from 83-144°F overlooking the San Juan River. The resort also offers a boardwalk over a pond and hot-air balloon rides. Both day passes and overnight lodging is available at the resort.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Water sports on the San Juan River, Navajo State Park, Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park, Chimney Rock National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park (2 hr. drive), Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (2 hr. drive)

Pagosa Springs, hot springs for families in the USA
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Pagosa Springs. Photo Credit: anjuli_ayer on Flickr.

Hart Mountain Hot Springs

Plush, Oregon

Hart Mountains Hot Springs are located within the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in Plush, Oregon. The Springs will take you into a nature escape surrounded by cliffs, peaks, canyons, grasslands, and wildlife. There are two different options for Hart Mountain Springs. One is surrounded by a stone wall and concrete deck with a ladder going into the spring. The second is completely natural with no surrounding walls or decks.

Access to the Hart Mountain Hot Springs is easy and can be reached by car along the gravel roads in the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. The springs are rather remote and two hours from the nearest major town, but the views are stunning and it will truly feel like an unplugged getaway. There is free camping available at Hart Mountain Hot Springs, but sites are limited and there are no reservations (have a back up plan!).

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Hiking in Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, Wildlife viewing, fishing at Hart Lake, Warner Wetlands, Canoeing on the 10 Mile Warner Valley Canoe Trail

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All Natural Hot Spring. Photo Credit: Ben Amstutz on Flickr.

Crowley (Wild Willy’s) Hot Springs

Mammoth Lakes, California

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs are located in Long Valley Caldera near Mammoth Lake, California. While soaking in the 3 ft. deep heart shaped pool you will be treated to 360° views of Long Valley and the Sierra Mountains. The source water averages 105°F and flows into the pool from a small creek channel. The pool water averages between 98° and 102°.There is a smaller second pool that is about 2 ft. deep and averages about 102°F.

Access to Wild Willy’s is free and the springs are easily reached along a 0.3 mile long trail consisting of a wooden boardwalk. The trail will take you past salty plains and murky waters before arriving at the Springs. There is a parking area at the start of the trail.

***Be aware that clothing is optional at Wild Willy’s, although you will again find that most wear swimsuits.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Adventure Center at Mammoth Mountain, canoeing on Lake Mary, Devil’s Postpile National Monument, Mono Lake, Obsidian Dome, Yosemite National Park

Wild Willy's Hot Springs, hot springs for families in the USA
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Wild Willy’s Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Lars Dugaiczyk on Flickr.

Hot Springs National Park

Garland County, Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park, located in the Diamond Lakes Region of the state of Arkansas, contains 47 naturally flowing thermal springs coming out of Hot Springs Mountain. Hot Springs National Park features thermal springs, mountain views, creeks, and plenty of hikes. The source water is about 147°F. The various springs and nature areas make this one of the best hot springs for families in the USA.

Hot Springs National Park features 8 historic bathhouses (2 of which are still in operation) on Bathhouse Row, The Buckstaff Baths, which are open for kids 11+, and the Quapaw Baths & Spa, which offers thermal pools, private mineral baths, and steam caves for ages 14+.

Aside from soaking in the baths, visitors can enjoy many drinking fountains around the park to get a taste of the springs and fill up water jugs. There are also two natural thermal springs that can be accessed by visitors, the Display Spring and Hot Water Cascade. These springs may not be appropriate for soaking due to temperature, but visitors can admire the natural beauty surrounding them and the waters are generally cool enough to touch after reaching the pools.

Hot Springs National Park, hot springs for families in the USA
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Natural Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Ken Lund on Flickr.

Chena Hot Springs

Fairbanks, Alaska

Chena Hot Springs is an unincorporated community in Fairbanks, Alaska that consists of the Chena Hot Springs, campground, and resort. The resort is centered around a 40 square mile geothermal area. The source water averages 165°F and are cooled to allow soaking. The resort contains several indoor and outdoor tubs, Jacuzzis, indoor pool, and an outdoor artificial lake. This outdoor lake provides an excellent spot for Northern Lights viewing in the winter months.

Another fun family activity located within the Chena Hot Springs Resort is the Aurora Ice Museum, a museum created from 1,000 tons of ice and snow. The museum is kept at 25°F inside year round.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Chena Lake Recreation Area, Running Reindeer Ranch, Wedgewood Fountainhead Wildlife Refuge, Aurora Ice Museum, ATV Tours, Horseback Riding (12+)

 Chena Hot Springs outdoor pond, hot springs for families in the USA
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Chena Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Readlistendream on Flickr.

Glenwood Springs


Glenwood Springs is a resort city in the Colorado Rockies that is well known for the many hot springs located throughout the city. The Glenwood Hot Springs Resort offers two mineral water pools, one that is known as the largest mineral pool in the world and the hottest in Colorado. The large pool is perfect for a family swim and soak. The other pool is a hot-tub like therapy pool. The source water is from the Yampah spring, at a temperature of 122°F. Before entering the pools, the water is cooled to about 104°F for the hot-tub like pool and between 90-93°F for the main pool.

Visitors to Glenwood Springs can find two other options for Hot Spring bathing. The Iron Mountains resort has 16 soaking pools and a larger family pool. The resort is located along the Colorado River and offers views of the Rocky Mountains. The third option is the Yampa Spa & Vapor Caves, which boasts a 100% natural steam bath. Yampa Spa & Vapor Caves offers natural underground cavern steam rooms, mineral bath soaks, and a spa (this one may be better suited for older children).

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Rio Grande Trail, Rafting down the Colorado or Roaring Fork River, Hike to Hanging Lake, Doc Holiday Museum

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort
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Glenwood Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Jason Cipriani on Flickr.

The Omni Homestead

Hot Springs, Virginia

The Allegheny Springs comes in the unique form of a waterpark and resort in the state of Virginia. The waterpark and many other kids friendly areas make the Omni Homestead Resort one of the best hot springs for families in the USA. The Omni Homestead Resort is a historic luxury resort that has been listed on the National Historic Landmarks list. The resort offers a large family pool, water slides, a lazy river, water play zone, sandy beach, whirlpool, and indoor pool. There is also a spa that has a garden pool and the Jefferson Pools.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Kayak along the Jackson River, Cascade Gorge, Ridge Runner Zip Tour, Falling Spring, Douthat State Park, Scenic Drive along Airport Road Overlook or Dan Ingalls Overlook

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Omni Homestead Resort. Photo Credit: Kipp Teague on Flickr.

Yellowstone Hot Springs

Gardiner, Montana

While the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park are generally not safe to soak in (but well worth the visit to see!), the Yellowstone Hot Springs located nearby offer an alternative for relaxation. The Yellowstone Hot Springs contains three main pools. The Hot Pool has temperatures ranging from 103-105°F, the main pool has temperatures ranging from 98-100°F, and the cold plunge, which has temperatures 60-65°F.

For those looking to visit and soak in Yellowstone National Park, it is permitted in Boiling River during daylight hours. There is a strong current in some places of the river, so be sure to take extra caution and stay close to younger kids.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Go hiking, View the Geysers of Yellowstone National Park, Visit Mammoth Hot Springs, Enjoy a scenic drive in Yellowstone National Park, Go rafting on a nearby river, visit a Native American reservation

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Yellowstone National Park, Geyser.

Dunton Hot Springs

Dolores, Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs is an all inclusive resort in the Southwestern mountains of Colorado Rockies. The resort is set in a restored 1800’s ghost town filled with old fashioned log cabins along the San Juan Mountain range. The resort features cabins, trails, massages, and hot springs. The private cabins are the perfect setting for a family getaway. Hot Spring options include a restored 19th century bathhouse, two outdoor pools, the Well House Cabin, and the source. Temperatures range from 85-106°F.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Nearby: Horseback riding through the Rockies, Hiking, River Rafting on the Dolores River, Wildlife Viewing, Fly Fishing, Mesa Verde National Park

Dunton Hot Springs
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Dunton Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Automotive Rhymes on Flickr.

Lava Hot Springs Pools & Water Park

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Lava Hot Springs is a small town located in Bannock County, Idaho, about two hours outside of Salt Lake City. The Lava Hot Springs Pools & Waterpark is a resort that offers access to the Lava Hot Springs waters in a family friendly fashion. The source waters average at 102-122°F and contain many minerals.

Lava Hot Springs features four outdoor gravel bottom pools, an indoor swimming complex containing a large pool, AquaClimb Wall, and the Portneuf Kiddie Cove. Also onsite is the Lava’s Olympic Swimming Pool and Water Park, which is open in the summer months and features a 3 platform diving tower, Olympic pool, five diving boards, and water slides.

Lava Hot Springs Resort.
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Lava Hot Springs Resort. Photo Credit: Jasen Miller on Flickr.

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