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Gift Guide For Traveling Kids in 2020

With Christmas coming up and traveling being pretty much on a stand still, you may be wondering what the perfect gift for your child may be to continue to allow them to experience travel-even from home. If so, this gift guide for traveling kids should come in handy!

Below you will find 25 travel gift ideas for kids, from as young as two all the way through to 18. Explore the suggested items through the links or do some research and find the perfect gift for your child to wake up to on Christmas morning!

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Binoculars are a great way to inspire creativity and imagination in your child! Whether it be them exploring their own backyard (and even making it into a game!) or them bringing it along on your next staycation or socially distant trip, binoculars are a great gift idea for the kiddos on your list!

If you are going to purchase binoculars, I would recommend skipping the plastic “toy” binoculars and purchasing a more heavy duty and realistic set with decent magnification so your child can get good use out of them.

Price Range: $20-$90

My recommendations:

A Luggage Set

Putting your child’s favorite character or theme on a suitcase can make them that much more excited about their upcoming trip! Make your next trip even more magical as your child spends the days before filling up their perfect luggage bag (this is one of my daughter’s favorite activities!)

Opt for a luggage set that has wheels and navigating through the airport in the future will be even more enjoyable for your child! My daughter is dead set against carrying anything, but add some wheels and she will fight me tooth and nail to be able to pull it! (It will save you a little stress too!)

Price Range: $20-$80

My recommendations:

Monthly Subscription

A monthly subscription is a gift that your child can continue to enjoy all year long! Whether it be an activity box or travel magazine a monthly subscription is the perfect gift!

Every month your child can receive a box full of travel themed activities and goodies through Little Passports. There are age specific boxes, starting at age 3-5 and ranging up to ages 9+. The boxes are sent monthly and include a variety of different culture and country themed activities to teach your child about the the world while having fun. Subscriptions are $20 a month with discounts for purchasing 6 month and year long subscriptions.

The National Geographic Kids Magazine is not specifically travel related, but it will bring a world of exploration right to your door every month. The magazine offers kid friendly stories that are both fun and educational and will inspire curiosity and learning.

Travel Backpacks

A new travel backpack is a great gift for anyone who loves to pack up and take off! You can find a travel backpack that will suit any age, from character themed backpacks for the younger travelers and sturdy and secure backpacks for older children.

If you are traveling with a toddler or younger child, a skip hop toddler backpack might be just what you are looking for. The backpack is made with a canvas material for easy cleaning, has a large pouch, and a smaller front pouch that is insulated for drinks and snacks. The backpack comes in many different designs, including a unicorn, monkey, butterfly, and more! You can also find rolling backpacks.

For an older child (10+), you may want to check out the Ladyzone Lightweight Travel Backpack or the Bago 25L Lightweight Foldable Daypack. Both options contain multiple pouches for storage of your child’s personal items and essentials when taking a day trip/hike. The Bago 25L Lightweight is also foldable, which is great for saving space when packing!

Price Range: $15-35

My Recommendations:

An Interactive Globe

An interactive globe is the perfect gift to allow your child to continue experience travel and culture while staying at home and one of the top recommended items in this gift guide for traveling kids. These interactive globes will take your child around the world, discover different countries, wildlife, and cultural traditions. Get them looking ahead to your next adventure with these interactive activities!

The Shifu Orboot Globe connects with an app that brings to life different areas of the globe with over 400 highlights and over 1,000 world facts. The globe will teach your child about the world through fun and interactive activities.

The Leapfrog Magic Adventures Globe takes kids across the world with interactive games and questions. The globe explores things such as cultures, animals, habitats, and more! Kids will love exploring the world through these interactive globes!

Price Range: $50-$150

My Recommendations:

Kids Atlas

A kids atlas is another great gift option for continuing to allow your child to explore the world from home (or while abroad!). It will keep them reading and learning while exploring cultures around the world through fun graphics and maps. A book is always a great gift. Add travel to it and you can’t do much better!

Price Range: $5-$15

My Recommendations:

Scratch Off Map

A scratch off map is a fun way to help your kids keep track of their travels. Whether it be a world map or country specific map, kids will love scratching off each destination as they visit it. The colorful maps, such as the Scratch Off Map of the World + USA Map or the JARLINK Scratch Off USA Map will catch the curiosity of young children. The National Parks USA Scratch Off Map will delight them with images of the landmarks from each park they visit.

Whichever map you choose it will be a fun way for your kids to keep track of and show off all of their adventures!

Price Range: $12-$30

My Recommendations:

A Camera

A camera is a great gift for a kid, whether it be for traveling or just hanging out and having fun at home. It will help them capture memories through their eyes and will give them something to look back on or even build a scrapbook with. Being able to handle their own camera will also teach them some sense of independence.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is one that will offer immediate rewards for your child. They will be able to snap a picture and then watch as it is printed before their eyes. If your family are frequent beach goers or underwater sports lovers a waterproof camera may be a great option.

For older children, a Go Pro might be perfect with it’s light and compact design. For toddlers a VTech KidiZoom camera will serve the purpose without the price and risk of it getting broken.

Price Range: Varies greatly, depending on the type of camera you want to purchase

My Recommendations:

Travel Games

Travel sized games are a great option for any road trip or long-haul flight. They are even great for having at the hotel and giving the family something to do while relaxing after a long day of exploring.

You can find plenty of classic games in fun, travel sized packs, such as Connect 4, Trouble, or even a combination game set. You could also get some mad lib booklets for some laughs along the way.

Price Range: $5-$20

My Recommendations:

Travel Art Set

A travel art set in combination with a travel desk is another great option for keeping your child busy during long travel times. A travel art set will allow them to be creative and express themselves (and maybe prevent those “Are we there yet?”‘s).

There are also plenty of travel desk options that make the perfect set up in the car or on the plane to allow your child to get full use of their art set. Along with their art supplies, you can also store some snacks, drinks, games, and a tablet on the travel desk.

Price Range:$15-$30

My Recommendations:

Luggage ID Tags

Just like luggage bags that contain your child’s favorite characters, personalized and creative luggage tags can add to the excitement of trip planning and departure! If you do a little research, you are likely to be able to find luggage tags in your child’s favorite character or theme, which are sure to make them even more excited about the next trip!

Price Range: $5-$10

My Recommendations:

A Trip!

What better way to give the gift of travel than through….travel? Whether it be a local destination or future trip abroad, waking up to plans for a future trip could be the perfect gift! Some ideas, especially in light of current circumstances, could be a trip to a nearby, all inclusive hotel with kid friendly amenities, such as an indoor water park or kid friendly spa. In some form or another, travel is one of my most recommended gifts in this gift guide for traveling kids.

Travel Journal

A travel journal is a great way for you and your child to hold on to the best memories while traveling. Most travel journals come with daily recording pages and activities for your child to record their daily adventures. It also serves as a scrapbook after the trip to hang onto memories.

Price Range: $7-$30

My Recommendations:


A new set of headphones, complete with their favorite characters or designs, could be the perfect gift for kids going on a long road trip or long-haul flight. Having a set of headphones will allow them to listen to their videos, movies, and games on their tablets while in the car or on the plane. (It will also allow you to listen to your jam instead of listening to the Wheels on the Bus over and over!).

Headphones with a soft, comfortable headband, such as the CozyPhones Kids Headphones, may make them more tolerable for younger children.

Price Range: $15-$30

My Recommendations:


What kid wouldn’t be happy receiving a brand new tablet for Christmas (or any other occasion for that matter!). A tablet can be a great travel companion for keeping your child busy and happy on a long road trip or flight. It can also be educational all while having fun.

Many tablets are specifically designed for children, such as the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, which comes complete with a kid proof protective case and Amazon Free Time (for a small fee after the first year). The tablet has settings that allow parents to set time limits and controls. iPads and Galaxy tablets are also great choices and with app installations parental controls can also be put into place.

Price Range:$65-$400+

My Recommendations:

Travel Neck Pillow

A travel neck pillow can make a long journey much more comfortable and promote better sleep. Whether you are flying or driving, bringing along a travel neck pillow will create a better experience. There are plenty of designs and characters, so have some fun with it and find the perfect one to match your child’s personalities and interests!

Price Range: $10-$20

My Recommendations:

Passport Sticker Books

A passport sticker book is a fun way to keep track of your child’s travels or even a fun way to travel while at home. Give your child a passport sticker book and then explore the world from your home with activities, learning, and cooking while filling up the pages of the book. It is a great way to travel with your kids when you can’t travel!

Price Range: $3-$12

My Recommendations:

Kids Explorer Kit

An outdoor exploration kit is a great item to bring along on any outdoor trip. Whether you are going on a short day hike or longer camping trip, outdoor adventures are becoming the norm. Inspire creativity and learning in your child with an explorer kit that will help them interact with nature and enjoy the outdoors, all while learning a little something!

Price Range: $20-$40

My Recommendations:

Kids Snorkel Set

For water adventure lovers and beach goers, a snorkel set might be the perfect gift! A personal snorkel set can be used at home in the pool for extra practice and can be brought along on the next family trip to the ocean. You could always rent a kids snorkel set on vacation, but having their own set will allow it to be personalized to your child.

Price Range: $20-$50

My Recommendations:

Kids Hiking Backpack

If you and your family are big hikers, a hiking backpack can be a great gift idea. A hiking backpack can help them better organize all the essential items for your their next hiking trip. There are plenty of lightweight options perfect for the youngest hiker all the way through the teenage years.

Price Range: $20-$300+

My Recommendations:

Travel Themed Books

Add a touch of travel to your daily bedtime routine with some travel themed books. Take your child to the pyramids in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Colosseum in Rome through fun stories that your child will love.

Price Range: $5-$20

My Recommendations:


A flashlight can be a fun gift for kids who love going camping, whether it be off in the woods or even in their own backyard. It can also be a very handy gift for the same reasons or for making shadow puppets. I would recommend a more durable flashlight, but there are also character themed flashlights that might work well for younger kids.

A headlamp is also an option and might be a better choice for adventurers who may be exploring caves and need their hands free.

Price Range:$8-$20

My Recommendations:

Passport Holder

A personalized passport holder can add some individuality to your child’s travel documents and make it easier for them to keep track of it. After all, you can’t go wrong with kids when adding some color and designs to anything!

Price Range: $10-$20

My Recommendations:

Portable Nap Mat

A portable nap mat can come in handy when staying at a hotel or camping. Of course you can assume there will be a bed if staying in a hotel, but bringing your own sleeping bag can provide more comfort and a piece of home for your child. It is also undeniable that a camp out on the floor could be lots of fun for kids!

When camping, having a padded portable nap mat can provided extra padding and comfort. Plus the colorful designs and character themes are always a win with kids!

Price Range: $20-$50

My Recommendations:

Eye Mask

Improve your child’s ability to sleep on a long haul flight or road trip with a cute, creative, and colorful eye mask. Better sleep equals less cranky kids and a better overall experience for all involved!

Price Range: $15-$20

My recommendations:

Travel Blanket

A travel blanket is the ideal gift for a road trip or flight. Provide your child with more comfort for the road and help them sleep better (which can reduce your stress to!). You can even take it a step further and get a hoodie blanket to provide more comfort and give your child the opportunity to transform into their favorite character!

Price: Range from $10-40

My Recommendations:

Camping Chair

For the outdoor adventurer/camper, a character themed camping chair is the perfect gift! The colorful, character themed chairs will add a little something extra to your next camping trip and give your child a chair that is just theirs!

You can find these chairs in your child’s favorite character or more general themes, such as ladybugs, butterflies, and every little girl’s obsession-unicorns!

Price: Range from approx. $15-40

My Recommendations:

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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