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Haunted New York: A Road Trip

The Haunted History Trail of New York State makes for the perfect road trip through New York State for thrill seekers and ghost hunters. The trail consists of over 90 haunted locations, including hotels, asylums, cemeteries, and an amusement park. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, these locations will give you some creepy vibes!

Here are fifteen of the best locations to visit in haunted New York:

Stop 1: The Hudson Valley Region

The Tarrytown Music Hall

Begin the tour in Tarrytown, a small Westchester County village sitting about an hour outside of New York City. In the midst of the many small town, local shops located along Main Street in Tarrytown you will find the Tarrytown Music Hall.  The Music Hall was built in 1885 and has served as an entertainment venue for some of the village’s most famous residents, including the Rockefellers, served as a venue for several national causes, served as a movie theater, and now as a performing arts center.

The Tarrytown Music Hall has also been the site of many unexplained events and paranormal sighting over the 135 year history of the building. The lights in the building are known to turn back on after closing, an unexplained singer running through the vocal scales after hours, and many EVP’s has been recorded.

Address: 13 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Tour Options:

  • Ghost Tour
  • Paranormal Investigation

Costs: Ghost tours are $25 and paranormal investigations are $135

For some more ideas of things to do around the area check out all Sleepy Hollow has to offer!

tarrytown music hall
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Tarrytown Music Hall. Photo Credit: Dan Gray on Flickr.

Distance to next stop: 78 miles (1.5 hr. drive)

The Shanley Hotel

The next stop along the haunted New York trip is the Shanley Hotel. The Shanley Hotel is nestled within the Shawangunk Mountains of New York in the small town of Napanoch. The bed and breakfast was built in 1845 and quickly became a popular vacation destination. The hotel has a long history with several different owners, including serving as a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era and as a brothel. The hotel also saw tragedy, with the hotel being engulfed in flames in 1895 and the deaths of many children.

Many unexplained events have been reported, including rocking chairs moving on their own, cold spots, hot spots, the sound of footsteps, whistling, voices, children laughing, and shadow figures being seen.

Address: 56 Main Street, Napanoch, New York 12458

Tour Options:

  • Overnight investigations with accommodations included
  • Private Investigations

Costs: Costs are based on the room selected and range from around $250 to $750

Distance to next stop: 53 miles (1 hr. 12 min. drive)

Wing’s Castle

Wing’s Castle is a medieval style castle in Millbrook, NY that was constructed by Peter and Toni Wing who envisioned building a castle after their marriage in 1970. The castle, which continues to be worked on, was designed by the couple and built from pieces of antique buildings. The castle contains 7 towers and a moat.

Ghost sightings are reported at the castle and believed to be associated with the many antique trinkets that were brought into the castle. One trinket that seemed to be the cause of paranormal activity was that of a goat-headed artifact embedded in the castle wall that Toni destroyed with an axe.

Address: 717 Bangall Road, Millbrook, NY 12545

Tour Options:

  • One hour guided tours
  • Overnight Bed and Breakfast Accommodations


  • One hour guided tour: $12 for adults, $8 for children 11 and under

Distance to next stop: 99 miles (2 hours)

The Capitol Region

Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours – Saratoga

The Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours cover the many locations around Saratoga that are said to be haunted. The walking tour covers approximately a mile over 90 minutes.

While on the tour you will learn about many of the most famous spirits associated with Saratoga, including Old Smoke, who is believed to wander the Canfield Casino, the witch of Saratoga Angeline, and Hattie who is believed to haunt her restaurant Hattie’s.

Address: Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Tour Options: 90 minute guided walking tour

Cost: $20

Canfield Casino, haunted new york
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Canfield Casino. Photo Credit: Keith Ewing on Flickr.

Distance to Next Stop: 66 miles (1 hr. 13 minutes)

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The Central NY Region

The Worcester Inn, Worcester

The Worcester Inn was built in the early 1800’s in the small Otsego County town of Worcester. The hotel has a history of tragic events and deaths. In the early 1900’s a 6 year old boy related to the hotel’s owner died within the building, another individual died of a gunshot wound in the building, a man who was murdered by a tenant, and a regular customer of the Inn’s restaurant.

Many strange events have been reported, including orbs appearing in photographs, bright flashes of light, the sounds of children running up and down the halls, and shadow figures appearing throughout the Inn.

Address: 151 Main Street, Worcester, NY 12197

Tour Options: The Inn still functions today and guests can book overnight accommodations.

Costs: Room prices range from $70 to $150 per night

Distance to Next Stop: 16 miles (26 minutes)

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is located in the small upstate NY town of Cooperstown. Rightfully located in the birthplace of baseball, the museum highlights the history of baseball and pays tribute to many of the key players in baseball’s history.

Visitors can enjoy the haunted tour of the museum, which begins in the Bullpen Theater highlighting ghosts related to baseball, a walk through the galleries and “Sacred Ground” where the hauntings of both Wrigley Field and Tiger Stadium are discussed, and the Ted Williams display and the second floor timeline where paranormal activity has been reported. The tour concludes at Plaque Gallery which is rumored to be haunted by Shoeless Joe Jackson and Ty Cobb.

Address: 25 Main Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326

Tour Options: A one hour guided haunted tour through the museum

(General admission is also available)

Costs: $10 for members, $15 for non-members

baseball hall of fame
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Image by jpenrose from Pixabay

Distance to next stop: 8.5 miles (15 minutes)

Hyde Hall, Cooperstown

Hyde Hall is a neoclassical country mansion located within Glimmerglass State Park in New York’s Otsego County. Construction of the mansion began in 1817 for George Clarke and his family and was completed in 1834, just a year before Clarke’s death.

It is believed that Clarke never left and lots of paranormal activity has been reported in Hyde Hall, including knocking, footsteps, distant music, and apparitions.

Address: 267 Glimmerglass State Park Road, Cooperstown, NY 13326

Tour Options:

  • Guided Day tours
  • Summer Ghost Tours
  • Candlelit Ghost Tours in October


  • Day tours: $15 for adults, $12 for children and seniors
  • Summer Ghost Tours: $20
  • Candlelit tours: $20

Distance to the next stop: 36.4 miles (50 minutes)

Union Station

Union Station is a still active and functioning train station in Utica, NY. The station was built starting in 1912 to 1914. The station is home to many tragic, accidental deaths along the tracks and many are believed to still wander the station.

The station has been the site of many paranormal sightings, including lights along the tracks, apparitions riding in the train cars, the apparitions of conductors wandering the station, and unexplained noises.

Address: 321 Main Street, Utica

Tour Options: The station is open daily to the public.

Costs: No cost

union station
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Union Station. Photo Credit: Mike Christoferson on Flickr.

Distance to next location: 34.5 miles (40 minutes)

Park After Dark Ghost Tours, Sylvan Beach

The Sylvan Beach Amusement Park is a retro amusement park located on Oneida Lake that first opened in 1886. Today it continues to function as an amusement park with rides, carnival food, and an arcade.

The Sylvan Beach Amusement park is rumored to be haunted, with paranormal activity being reported. Three of the most common sightings include Jack, who is often seen roaming the halls of the old Yesterday’s Royal bar and hotel, Abby, who is often seen in the dinning room of Yesterday’s Royal, and multiple sightings of children.

Address:  112 Bridge St., Sylvan Beach, NY  13157

Tour Options: Park After Dark night ghost tours

Costs: $20

Distance to Next Stop: 35.4 miles (40 minutes)

The Fingerlakes Region

The Landmark Theater, Syracuse

The Landmark Theater is a historic theater that was built in 1928. It sits in the Central NY city of Syracuse and continues to function as an active theater for live performances.

The Landmark Theater is said to be haunted by the ghost of Clarissa, who fell to her death from the theater’s balcony in 1930. She is often seen wearing a white dress and wandering the theater.

Address: 362 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

Tour Options:

  • One hour guided ghost tour
  • Guided Psychic Tours


Availability and costs of tours vary. Contact the theater for more information on tours.

Landmark Theater, Haunted New York
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The Landmark Theater. Photo Credit: David Steltz on Flickr.

Distance to Next Stop: 18 miles (23 minutes)

Wayside Irish Pub, Elbridge

The Wayside Irish Pub is a historic inn built in 1830 by Squire Munro built originally to serve stagecoach passengers who were traveling west. The original building was destroyed in a 1913 fire and then damaged again in a 1960 fire. Today it functions as an active pub.

Many paranormal sightings have been spotted at the Wayside Irish Pub. The ghost of Sara, a young woman who hung herself on the third floor, is one of the most common sightings. Other sightings include Harry, Squire Munro, the pubs original owner, and a soldier in uniform. Other strange occurrences have occurred, including feeling hair tugged on, poked, cold spots, and glasses flying off the shelves.

Address: 101 West Main Street, Elbridge, NY 13060

Tour Options: The building is an active pub where you can enjoy a meal and some drinks.

Costs: Per the menu.

Distance to Next Stop: 40 miles (50 minutes)

Belhurst Castle, Geneva

Belhurst Castle is a once private residence that sits along the shores of Seneca Lake in Geneva. The castle was built between 1885 to 1889. Today the castle functions as a hotel and winery, including accommodations, dining options, and a spa and salon.

The area has been associated with multiple deaths, including Isabella, the most commonly seen apparition, a previous owner who died on the property, and a man who fell off the roof while working on the castle and died. Many strange occurrences have been reported at the castle, including showers turning on and off, glasses flying off the shelves in the bar, tablecloths tied to chandeliers, the sound of someone singing a lullaby, children playing, and sounds of furniture being moved around.

Address: 4069 West Lake Road, Geneva, NY 14456

Tour Options: The castle is now a functioning hotel where you can book overnight accommodations and enjoy the many amenities.

Costs: Costs for overnight stays vary depending on room selection and dates. Visit their website for more info.

Distance to Next Stop: 63.3 miles (1 hr. 24 minutes)

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Photo by Mitja Juraja on

The Greater Niagara Region

Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany, NY

The Rolling Hills Asylum, also known as the Genesee County Poorhouse, is known as one of New York’s most haunted asylums. The asylum once served as a poor house for people who could not care for themselves and is believed to have saw over 1,000 deaths throughout its prime years.

Today visitors can join in for a variety of tour options, from one hour self-guided walking tours to 8hr. locked in events. Some of the most prominent spirits of the asylum that many believe they have encountered include Roy, a 7 foot tall patient of the asylum and Nurse Emmie, who was believed to have been involved in the dark arts. A walk through the asylum is sure to give you some creepy vibes as it did for us on our visit.

Address: 11001 Bethany Center Road, East Bethany, NY 14054

Tour Options:

  • 3 Hour Psych Hold
  • 4 Hr. Detained
  • 5 Hr. ICU
  • 8 Hr. Captive
  • 2 Hr. Guided Historical Tour
  • Private Tours

Costs: Costs vary depending on which tour option you choose, ranging from $49-$89. Private tours are also available and costs are based time and the amount of people.

Rolling Hills, Haunted New York
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Rolling Hills Asylum. Photo Credit: Navigation Junkie.

Distance to Next Stop: 36 miles (50 minutes)

Graestone Manor Bed and Breakfast, Gasport

The Graestone Manor Bed and Breakfast is a 1865 Victorian mansion that was once the private residence of the Root family. The family bred racehorses and there was once a race track sitting on the property.

The Bed and Breakfast has many paranormal sightings reported, including guests hearing the sounds of horse hooves and carriages, a man’s voice, whistling, and the apparition of a woman. It is also said that there are  vortexes in the basement and upstairs children’s room related to Victorian seances held in the home in the 1800’s.

Address: 4049 Root Road, Gasport, NY 14067

Tour Options:

  • Private Investigations for up to 10 people
  • Overnight Investigations
  • Two Hour Historical Tour
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Victorian Séance


  • Private Investigations: $300 for up to 10 people
  • Overnight Investigations: $180, includes accommodations
  • Historical Tour: $25
  • Oracle Card Reading: $25
  • Victorian Seance: $25

Distance to Next Stop: 10 miles (15 minutes)

Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride

The Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride takes visitors through the half mile underground tunnel that was built in the 1880’s to provide waterpower to the mills in the area.

Many strange encounters have occurred, with faces appearing in the water, shadows, strange mists, voices, moans, and the sound of footprints.

Address: 5 Gooding Street, Lockport, NY 14094

Tour Options:

  • Walking Tour
  • Haunted Cave Lantern Tour
  • Ghost Hunt Investigations


  • Walking Tour: $16.25 for adults, $11.25 for children 6-13, and $3.50 for children 5 and under
  • Haunted Cave Lantern Tour: $20
  • Ghost Hunt Investigations: $35 per person, up to 25 people
Lockport Caves, haunted new york
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Lockport Caves & Underground Boat Ride. Photo Credit: SK on Flickr

This is not an all inclusive list of locations along the Haunted History Trail of New York. For a complete listing visit Haunted History Trail of New York’s website.

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Discover Haunted New York along the Haunted History Trail featuring haunted inns, hotels, pubs, castles, and asylums.
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  1. Whow 90 haunted locations, that is a lot. Wish I had the time and money to go on a trip visiting a some of the Spookiest destinations around the world. Very interesting but some stories are actually very sad.

    • I know, I didn’t know there were so many around NY until I started visiting them! There are many that are sad, it is a bittersweet trip to visit these places, knowing the tragic history behind many of them. It is very fascinating visiting them though and that anticipation of whether you will see something or not.

  2. This is such a fun time of year to look for more unusual places to visit. With 90 locations in New York State, I am sure this would fill more than one trip. I love the variety in the places and stories. And I am sure that if I visited a string of these, I might actually start to see ghosts and things moving around on their own!

    • It certainly takes more than one trip! I still have not visited them all! The history behind them is one of the most fascinating parts for me and just imaging what life would have been like in the location’s prime days.

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