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The Worst Travel Advice

Introduction: As travel bloggers we are accustomed to providing readers with the best travel advice, tricks, and tips. But as we know, there is ALOT of pushback from people for those who travel frequently. People may offer up advice, intending to help, but in reality we who travel frequently know that taking that advice would be devastating to our life’s dream. Compiled below is a list of the worst pieces of travel advice I have been given personally or that other people around me have been given. What’s the worst piece of travel advice you have been given?

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Worst Travel Advice on Solo Travel

Females shouldn’t travel alone.

This is based off the sterotype that women can’t take care of themselves and need someone there to watch after them. This is 100% incorrect. As with anyone traveling anywhere, there are safety precautions that should be taken. This is no reason not to travel though. Be smart, but don’t let it hold you back. Everyone should travel solo at least once!

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Worst Travel Advice on Frequent Travel

Stop traveling so often. You need to settle down and focus on your career.

There is nothing wrong with career oriented people, but how often do we get advice that we travel to often, that we need to settle down and focus on developing a strong career? When I first started out as a travel blogger and would discuss it with people, there were those that found it absolutley crazy that I would turn back on the effort that I had put in to school and developing my career to go on vacation. While I have not completly left my career, I am focusing more time and energy into traveling and blogging. The people that offer this advice do not understand that full time travel is not about being on vacation, but rather a way of life and learning/understanding/growing. A steady career is not always the most valuable thing!

Save money instead of traveling.

My response to this piece of advice is For what? What am I saving money for? I can’t take it with me when I go. If your goal is life is to reach those milestones like purchasing that big home, saving money for retirement, or whatever their reason, that is wonderful! For myself and many travelers I know, the focus is on right now. No one can say what will happen in the future, but right now? Right now I don’t want a huge bank account, right now I want to experience the world!

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Worst Travel Advice on Family Travel

Why would you travel with young kids, they won’t remember it?

Okay, so maybe the two or three year old will not remember the details or location of a trip in a couple years. But they will remember the experience. They will remember being together as a family as they grew up. They will remember that the world is a big place, so much bigger than just their own town/city. And as they get older, they will start to remember the specfics of the trips as well. And you will remember the trip when your daughter/son was two, valuable time spent together. Whether or not they will remember is a moot point to me.

You Drag Her Around To Often

This is something that I have been told before. My daughter is to young, she doesn’t need to be going all over the place. She’s too young, its too dangerous. Well I beg to differ! While she may be young, this in no way takes away fom the experience and valuable life lessons to be gained from traveling. Through traveling I believe that young children gain more valuable experiences than could ever be gained from staying home. A balance must be maintained, that I will agree with. But age is no reason not to travel!

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Worst Travel Advice on Safety

Don’t go to ________, its to dangerous

Have you ever been told not to visit a destination beacuse that particular destination is to dangerous? One question this piece of advice renders is “is it jut a sterotype?” Does the location have a reputation for being dangerous, but in reality the destination doesn’t live up to the reputation? Or are there simple things that you can do to maximize your safety? Never take this piece of advice. Do your research, learn about the destination, and find out what you can do to make the destination safe for you. Don’t give up on an experience because someone tells you it isn’t safe.

Don’t Stay at Hostels

For some, hostels are a BIG fat no! Staying in a room with strangers? Some poeple view this as unsafe, and in some instances maybe rightfully so. But this is not always the case. Some hostels have private rooms. Another reason some may give is they want their own space and don’t want to be bothered. Connecting with other travelers is a great way to gain valuable experiences and maybe even make some new friends. Hostels are a great way to do this!

Stay away from locals.

The reasoning behind this one may be that the locals don’t want to be bothered and find tourists annoying. This is not always the case, though. Sometimes interacting with the locals is the best way to experience a destination. They have valuable advice and insight about the destination and can give you tips and recommendations that you otherwise may not have had. It’s also another great way to make friends!

Don’t Use Public Transportation

Have you ever been told to avoid public transportation? To crowded? Unsafe? Public transportation can be a valuable resource when traveling. It can significantly decrease costs and give you easy access to get around the destination. Public transporation can be a valuable resource if you use it correctly!

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Worst Travel Advice and Lifestyle

You can always go later or work hard now and travel later.

This is the worst single piece of advice I think I have ever received! A philosophy that I live my life by is there is no tomorrow. You never know what may happen and at the end of your life what do you want to be able to look back on? Will you have regrets or will you be proud that you chased your dreams to the last second? I prefer the latter, how about you? Don’t plan for later, later may never come!

You Travel To Much

Have you ever been told that you travel to much? Is that even possible? I have been told on more than one occasion that I can’t stay put and travel way to often. My response: That’s right, I can’t stay put. I don’t travel enough!

Don’t quit your job to travel.

For those that love the stability of the 9 to 5 job, quitting that stable job for the unknown may seem absolutely CRAZY!!! But for the nomad and frequent traveler, this seems just right. Those that cling to their day jobs may feel that it is the responsible, adult thing to do and look down on people who think they are going to have a full time vacation. Don’t get me wrong, this is in no way looking down on those who choose to stay put and work full time (or have to), but simply a word of advice to those who do quit their job and travel-don’t be afraid to do it!

Traveling is to expensive

This is wrong for many reasons. Yes, it is true that traveling can be expensive. But we tend to be able to afford that which we prioritize. Making some simple changes to your monthly budget can lend you that much more money for traveling. Another reason-travel does not have to be expensive! If you do your research, find inexpensive options, plan ahead, and spend wisely you most certainly can afford it!

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Have you ever received bad travel advice that just doesn't fly? Here are several bad pieces of advice and a rebuttal.
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  1. It is amazing how many people want to offer advice about things they know nothing about. Travelling when you are young and healthy opens your eyes to such new experiences. All of our life we have saved for those things that are priorities for us – and travelling is one of those things. We made many sacrifices to ensure we had the money to travel when and how we wanted. Far too many people we knew died far too young. Was a big bank account any consolation to them? We travelled with our kids at a young age. Those trips created great memories for all of us. And put some wanderlust in all of our kids. Your own priorities and decisions may change over time. But that should not be because of someone else’s view!

  2. Quite interesting as these comments do ring a bell when you discuss with family and friends sometime. Specially when you talk about solo travel people have mixed messages but all I would say is try and you will enjoy it. You should try everything and take the relevant precautions and some top tips here you have provided. Thanks for a great post

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