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Hometown Series: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Week 2

Written by Ann Plans Travel

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This week we are continuing our series on hometowns. The purpose of this series is to remind us to never forget about the beauty of what is right around us and to discover all that these off the beaten path destinations have to offer. Last week my hometown, Herkimer, NY was discussed. This week we will be reviewing Ann Arbor, Michigan, as told by native Ann of Ann Plans Travel.

Home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a place where school pride runs deep among students, alumni and residents—all of whom are wolverines to the core. All prepared to cheer their team on no matter the season or sport. Gameday weekends crowd the city streets with over one hundred thousand people ready to cram into “The Big House ” and thousands more preparing to watch from the comfort of their homes. Everyone is decked out in bold yellow & blue, Michigan’s school colors. 

During the summer, the Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) is packed with runners, bikers, skateboarders and families walking along the trail passing through the heart of Ann Arbor. With geese waddling along the river at every turn and squirrels running up and down trees, you’ll never run out of wildlife to see. If you’re traveling with kids, take an afternoon to visit the Hands On Museum. They will be able to interact, experiment and explore the exhibits all while learning about science. The newly renovated Natural History Museum is not only free but another world class museum that you can visit as a family. 

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B2B Trail. Photo credit: Ann Plans Travel

Downtown Ann Arbor is home to a vast array of local breweries—Grizzly Peaks and Jolly Pumpkin are both local favorites. Both offer a variety of ales, beers, wines and freshly prepared burgers, salads and entrees. After you’ve gotten a bite to eat, make your way over to Cherry Republic for a free sample of Michigan grown cherries. If you’re up for a short walk, stop by Graffiti Alley to see the latest creations of local artists. The University’s main campus is right across the street as well, so be sure to take a stroll around if you have time! Stop by The M Den for a Michigan-themed souvenir to remind you of your time in Ann Arbor. 

Ann – Ann Plans Travel (Follow Her on Facebook)

Hometown Series: Ann Arbor, Michigan
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  1. Sometimes is good to explore the places close to your home. Ann Arbor seems a lace with many things to do. The trails through the forest must be very peaceful and calming, while the breweries a great place to socialize and meet nice people to chill. After a hike in the woods, a beer must be the best choice ever.

  2. Sometimes is good to explore the places close to your home. Ann Arbor seems a lace with many things to do. The trails through the forest must be very peaceful and calming, while the breweries a great place to socialize and meet nice people to chill. After a hike in the woods, a beer must be the best choice ever.

  3. The Border-to-Border Trail sounds like so much fun, especially if there are geese and squirrels to keep you company! I’d love to visit the Natural History Museum – it being free is an added bonus!

  4. Ann Arbor, Michigan looks like a fun place to explore. I’m a fan of doing outdoor activities and would love to walk/run through the Border-to-Border Trail. The greenery and the flat path is perfect spot for a stroll. The Graffiti Alley would also be an interesting place to see street art.

  5. Ann Arbor looks like such a pretty town to visit. I’m not familiar with anywhere in Michigan, so it’s somewhere I’d like to see in person. The Border to Border trail looks serene, and those breweries must be popular come summertime!

  6. One of our favorite things to do while traveling is visit history museums. Hands on makes them even better. Looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing all your favorite things to do in Ann Arbor.

  7. I haven’t visited Ann Arbor but it looks as if I should next time I am in the US. I love street art so Graffiti Alley would definitely be high on my list. Grizzly Peaks and Jolly Pumpkin – great names for craft beer, I will need to try them both.

  8. Wow! Ann Arbour looks like a really interesting place to visit, and if I ever go I would love to try out the Jolly Pumpkin (what a cute name). I love the idea that you are following about remembering the beauty that surrounds us in our hometowns. Thank you for this post it was a really good read!

  9. I love your advocacy. I agree that we should never forget about the beauty that surrounds us. I have never been to Ann Arbor and happy to know that they have a lot of local breweries. I believe my husband would be excited to visit and try their variety of ales and beers.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful place.

    • The variety of beers sounds very interesting and would be at the top of my list- I have not had the opportunity to visit yet, but enjoyed learning about Ann Arbor from a fellow travel blogger.

  10. I always thought Ann Arbor was only about the university. But there is so much more to do here even though the university is a big part of the city. I find it interesting that there is so much here to interest young kids. My son would love the Hands On Museum. And he is a big fan of natural history museums. Ann Arbor seems like the perfect weekend destination.

  11. I knew Ann Arbor for education purpose only but never knew that it has many interesting things for travelers too. I do love to check some thing in my hometown which we sometimes neglect due to busy schedule. I love nature and therefore going for a walk on B2B trail would be my choice here. I would love to check some cherries at Cherry Republic for a free sample and that too home grown cherries.

  12. Backyard travel is my favorite. We often travel to various places in the world, ignoring our own hometown and nearby places. It is important to look around sometimes. I loved the concept of doing a hometown series. Great to know about Ann Arbor through this post.

  13. I had no idea about this place before, glad to know a bit more about your hometown. I think as travelers we always take our hometown as granted and look forward to exploring faraway places. Grizzly Peaks and Jolly Pumpkin are such interesting names for breweries.

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