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15 Cities Around the Globe to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration as we say goodbye to the previous year and declare our hopes and goals for the new year. With celebrations taking place across the globe on New Year’s Eve there are countless choices for you when deciding where to spend the holiday. Here are 15 great cities around the globe to spend the evening:

1. New York City

New York City is perhaps one of the most well known cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve in. The ball drop is viewed by million around the globe who are ringing in the New Year and there is nothing like being there in person. The crowds are insane and if you want a good viewing spot you will have to be there early (some even camp out the night before to get a good view). Live music can be found throughout Times Square throughout the day and the evening will bring in many rooftop parties.

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2. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known for being one of Asia’s best nightlife cities and more so on New Year’s Eve. Join the lively celebrations at Central World Plaza or at one of the many bars/night clubs, including roof top/sky high bars. For a less crowded option enjoy a dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River.

3. Dubai

The stunning city line of Dubai becomes even more spectacular on New Year’s eve with a stunning fireworks display. Also throughout the city you can find parties and celebrations among the city’s skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a party city year round, but it comes even more to life on New Year’s Eve. Jackson Square in the French Quarter is filled with bands playing throughout the night with a stunning fireworks display over the Mississippi River to ring in the New Year. Don’t forget the Fleur de Lis drop and watch as the New Orleans symbol drops down a 25 foot pole, much like the ball drop in New York City. After parties continue throughout the night at bars and nightclubs along Bourbon Street.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s main western style celebration takes place in Yokohama with a fireworks display and parties lasting all night. However, more traditional Japanese celebrations of New Year’s Eve take place at temples throughout the city. Visit a temple for traditional midnight ringing of bells. The bells are rung 108 times, representing a cleansing of you from the 108 worldly desires and springing you into the new year as pure as possible.

6. Cape Town

Cape Town is full of New Year’s Eve festivities, with pop-up performances lining the V&A waterfront. The evening ends with a marvelous fireworks display. Enjoy the last sunset of the year atop Table Mountain with cable cars taking you up and back.

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7. Athens, Greece

If you are a history person, Athens is the perfect place for you to visit on New Year’s Eve. With the Parthenon as the backdrop you can enjoy concerts and other forms of live entertainment as well as an end of the night fireworks display. Athens is also home to many rooftop hotel parties and celebrations with great viewing areas for the fireworks display.

8. Venice, Italy

St. Mark’s Square in Venice turns into a party destination on New Year’s Eve, with concerts and a fireworks display. The romantic nature of the city makes it a great place to share that midnight kiss with your special someone.

9. London, England

Catch a stunning fireworks display over the London eye with live music and then join in for some fun at one of the many after parties throughout the city. Celebrate New Year’s day with viewing of the New Year’s Day parade.

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10. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver comes alive with New Year’s Eve celebrations with all night long street parties, entertainment, and food trucks. The night ends with a traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks display. You can also find traditional New Year’s Eve parties throughout the city at bars and hotels.

11. Rio de Janeiro

If you’re a beach person Rio de Janeiro may be the perfect spot for you to spend New Year’s Eve. Join millions of people to celebrate the New Year along the beach and after midnight join them in the tradition of running into the ocean (jumping 7 small waves and either making a wish or giving thanks with each wave they jump).

12. Edinburgh

Visit Edinburgh and celebrate the New Year over three days instead of just one. Known as Hogmanay, Edinburgh’s celebration begins on December 30th with a torchlight viking parade as well as a fireworks display. On New Year’s eve the party takes place outside of Edinburgh castle with concerts, dancing, outdoor bars, and an evening fireworks display. The festivities continue on January 1st with the Loony Dook as you jump into the freezing River Forth.

13. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is full of lights, music, celebrations, and a marvelous fireworks display at the end of the night. Join the party of Fremont Street or the Stripe for some dancing and music.

14. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is home to lively New Year’s Eve celebrations and brilliant fireworks displays. The Sydney fireworks display on New Year’s eve is said to be one of the most spectacular and beautiful displays in the world. The fireworks display lasts 12 minutes with to special events-The Waterfall (over a thousand candle-fireworks streaming from Harbor bridge to the river below) and the bridge effect (a special pyrotechnic design that matches with the theme of that year’s celebration). Also enjoy the Harbour Light Parade which features more than 50 illuminated vessels floating down the river.

***Fun fact: More people attend Sydney’s New Year’s eve celebration than New York’s Times Square celebration.

15. Reykjavik, Iceland

While there is no major fireworks display like you might find elsewhere on New Year’s Eve, the locals in Reykjavik all purchase their own fireworks and at the strike of midnight release them. The city lights up with hundreds of mini fireworks displays while fire trucks and docked ships ring their bells and blow their horns to ring in the New Year. Also throughout the evening community bonfires are held.

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15 Cities Around the Globe to Celebrate New Year’s Eve
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