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30 Gift Ideas for the Traveler On Your List

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For the Tech Savvy

1- The Skyroam Solis

            The Skyroam Solis is a mobile wi-fi hotspot that offers unlimited 4G LTE service in over 130 countries around the world. This will eliminate the need to worry about international roaming fees and SIMS cards. The Skyroam Solis can connect up to 5 devices at once. It also acts as a charger for your devices, an added plus! Note, however, that this device will not work in the air or out at sea, much like any device that runs on data. There are different options for purchasing wi-fi: A monthly unlimited pass is available for $99 or a daily pass is available at $9 a day.

Cost: $99.99

2-DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone

            If your traveler is a photographer, help them capture great memories and photos on their trip with the DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone. The drone can fly up to 4.3 miles and captures HD videos and captures photographs in 20MP Raw of jpeg. It is also light and can be folded to take up less space. (This device is a bit more on the pricey side).

Cost: $1379


3-GoPro Hero 8

            The GoPro Hero 8 is the latest in the GoPro series. The GoPro is a small, lightweight camera that captures stunning photographs and videos, allows for live streaming, digital lenses, stabilization, and special effects (such as time lapse, night lapse, and live burst). This camera is a must for any traveler/photographer.

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Cost: $ 399.99

4- Amazon Kindle

            An Amazon Kindle will keep your traveler busy while on the road. They can download all their favorite books and have them on the go, reducing the cost of wi-fi charges and data use.

Cost: $89.99

5-Anker Power core Portable Charger 10,000

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            A portable charger is a must have for any traveler. When on the go, battery life of commonly used devices (cell phones, cameras, tablets, etc.) is quickly drained. Now days a dead battery can be a major issue, especially if tickets, itineraries, and confirmations are stored on a portable device. Having a portable charger will keep the charge and prevent unnecessary stress. The Anker Power core portable charger 10,000 is small and efficient allowing for three recharges of a cell phone. It will keep your favorite travelers’ devices charged and ease the stress of travel.

Cost: $25.99

For Comfort

6-Athleta Travel Blanket

            This blanket can be folded and zipped up for optimal storage, but can also be unfolded into a full size blanket to keep you warm and comfortable on the go.

Cost: $64

7- Away Rolling luggage

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            Reduce the burden of having to carry heavy luggage through the airport with a rolling luggage set. Costs will vary depending on the amount of suitcases, size, and type.

8- A neck pillow

            For the frequent traveler a neck pillow will provide extra comfort while on the road (or in the air). A neck pillow can make it easier to fall asleep when conditions aren’t the best, prevent a stiff neck, and promote comfort.

Here are some suggestions for great neck pillows:

Cabeau Travel Pillow

            Cost: $39.99

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TRTL Travel Pillow

            Cost: $29.99

For kids check out the BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow

            Cost: $24.97

For Safety

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9-TSA Luggage Locks

            Help protect your traveler’s belongings with these great luggage locks. With a simple combination the security of their personal items while traveling will be increased. Give them one less thing to worry about!

Cost: $14.95   

10-Pacsafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

            This backpack works great for a day bag. It adds extra security for your personal items with locking zippers, eXomesh slashguard, and RFID safe blocking pockets. Eliminate the worry of having your items swiped from you on your next adventure!

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Cost: $83.97

11-Lifestraw Filtered Water Bottle

            The Life straw filtered water bottle is a great item for anybody that travels internationally frequently. The water bottle optimizes the travelers’ safety by filtering out 99.9% of all waterborne parasites and bacteria. It will keep them hydrated and healthy!

Cost: $40

12- Secret Bra Wallet Travel Money Pouch

            The perfect gift for a female traveler, this wallet provides hidden storage for cash and cards. It also provides RFID protection.

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Cost: $14.99

13- Anti-theft Purse

            Travelon’s anti-theft purse fits closely to the body, is slash proof, and has RFID protection. It will prevent quick thefts and someone grabbing your bag.

Cost: $38.97

For convenience

14- Packing cubes

            Packing cubes reduce the burden of packing, allow for better organization, and allow you to fit more into a smaller space. The cubes are generally light weight with options available for wrinkle free packing and waterproof packing.

Here are some suggestions:

Eagle Creek 3 Piece Cube Set (lightweight and water-resistant)

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            Cost: $27.97

EZ packing Clear Packing Cubes

            Cost: $49.99

15- Travel Wallet

            A travel wallet with space for your traveler’s passport will provide extra protection to avoid damage to their passport. It will also provide an all in one wallet with room for cash and cards.

SimpacX Fabric Passport Holder

            Cost: $9.99

There are also many different options for personalized wallets, so you can find one that will really speak to your traveler’s personality.

16- An International Travel Adapter

            Arriving at your destination and not being able to keep your devices charged because of differences in outlet sizes can be frustrating. An international travel adaptor can prevent that frustration. The Bonazza International Travel Adaptor is compatible in over 150 countries and also has USB outlets, allowing for the charging of multiple devices at once.

Cost: $23.99

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17- A portable luggage scale

            Help your traveler avoid extra baggage fees at the airport with this portable luggage scale. Before arriving to the airport they can check the weight of their luggage and ensure that they are under the weight limit.

Cost: $14.97

18- Ear plugs

            Ear plugs can reduce the many noises someone may experience while traveling, promoting sleep and relaxation. It will also allow them to concentrate only on what they are doing (reading, writing, etc.). These are a great gift for those who have a difficult time falling or staying asleep.

Cost: $13.38

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For Children

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            A fun gift that kids will love and that will allow them to have a better experience at their destination. Be sure to get binoculars that will actually work, not just a toy!

Cost: $26.99

20- Rolling Luggage

            Make the packing experience more exciting by purchasing a character themed luggage set. Get a set designed for children and they will love rolling the suitcase around the airport showcasing their favorite character!

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21- An interactive Globe

            Help grow your child’s passion for travel through an interactive globe that will take them around the world. Get them excited for your next big adventure together through interactive games and visualizations of the destinations.

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Cost: $49.99

22- A scratch off map

            Help your child keep track of your travels in a fun way! Kids will love scratching off each destination as you visit them!

Cost: $19.97

23- A Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

            Young children will love taking pictures as they travel, and better yet will love watching the images print off instantly. Help them capture all the great memories along your trip!

Cost: $49.00

For the Solo  Female Traveler

24- Jewelry Travel Organizer

            This is the perfect gift to make packing jewelry easier and will allow the female traveler in your life to keep all her favorite jewelry neat and organized on her trip without tangles.

Cost: $25.99

25-Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

            This sleep mask is a tad more expensive than the general sleep mask, but it provides extra comfort  and is more effective in blocking out light to allow you to get adequate rest.

Cost: $50.00

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26-Vigilant Personal Alarm and Back-Up Whistle

            This whistle is small and can be attached to a keyring. It can help scare off potential thieves or aggressive animals.

Cost: $14.99

27- Travel Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pouch

            This scarf will provide some warmth, fashion, and an  extra place to carry your passport, cash, or cards.

Cost: $39.95

For the Reader

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28- 1,000 Places to See Before You Die-A Traveler’s Life List

            Fuel the wanderlust of the traveler in your life with the great destinations in this book and have them planning their next adventure! Remember-travelers never stop daydreaming!

Cost: $12.38

29- Ten Years a Nomad

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            Learn about one traveler’s ten years’ experience of life on the road. Read first hand travel stories and get tips for how to travel better.

Cost: $14.99

30-The Two Week Traveler

            Read the stories of a traveler who had only his annual vacation time to travel the world, but did not let this stop him! Read his stories of his travels to over 150 countries. The message is clear-Don’t Let Anything Stop You From Chasing Your Dream!

Cost: $10.86

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  1. The jewelry organizer is a great idea! I honestly just leave my jewelry at home because I don’t want to bother packing it, so I’d definitely appreciate having that so I could take some with me!

    • I am the same way! The less the better in my opinion, but sometimes it is nice to have that stuff, especially if you are going out someplace nice. Having a way to organize it makes it much easier!

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