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Tips for Determining Your Next Travel Destination

Don’t let uncertainty get in the way or a great experience!

Determining your next destination can be overwhelming, especially if your list is a mile long. The Earth is filled with beautiful, popular destinations and remote and underrated destinations. So how do you decide which place to go to next?

If you are an avid traveler, I’m sure that you have a bucket list. Start here. Look at the list of dream destinations that you have been eyeing forever. Determine what you want to do and what type of environment you want to visit. Then narrow down your list to a few select destinations that fit in with what you are looking for.

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When determining your next vacation, be sure to ask yourself some of the following questions:

-Do I want to travel nationally or internationally?

-Do I want to visit some place I have been before or someplace brand new?

-Do I want to travel to a popular destination or go off the beaten path?

-Do I want a relaxing vacation or one full of adventure?

-Will I be traveling alone, with a family, or adult friends?

-Will I wander on my own or have tours scheduled?

-What type of weather do I want (hot/cold, summer/winter)?

-Is it the best time of year to visit this destination?

-Are they any festivals going on that I want to visit?

-Do I have a big budget or do I need a destination that is budget friendly?

Once you have narrowed down your list of destinations, do your research. Research the destinations down to the bones. Find reviews and stories from people that have visited the destinations. Look at the budgeting. Look at how easy it would be for you to plan the trip and execute that plan (but do not exclude a destination simply because it requires a bit of extra planning). Determine if the destination will be appropriate for all members of your travel party.

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Tools for Finding Your Next Destination:

1- Social Media Platforms

If you are still unsure of a travel destination, look to social media for some travel inspiration! Pinterest, Instagram, twitter, and facebook are full of travel bloggers who love to share beautiful images of the destinations they have visited! Take a look, you might just find your next destination this way!

Pinterest and facebook are great options for both photo inspiration and travel tips. You can follow me on Pinterest here and facebook here to get inspiration from my travels and other travel bloggers.

Facebook is a great tool because there are many great travel support groups that you can join for travel inspiration. Check out these great travel groups/travel pages: (designed for travel bloggers)

Instagram is a great tool for photo inspiration, there are many travel bloggers who share gorgeous photos of great destinations on a daily basis. Take a look, you may find something you like. You can follow me on Instagram here.

Twitter is a great option as well, again with photo inspiration and travel tips. You can follow my travels here and those of other travel bloggers. 

2-Buy travel books/magazines

Subscribe to a monthly travel magazine subscription or visit a local bookstore and pick up some travel inspiration books. The options are endless and this may help you narrow down our list of possible destinations.

3-Follow Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are a great tool for getting travel inspiration. Get real life stories from real people about their experiences with first hand information about the destination. Reading travel blogs regularly will give you plenty of ideas of destinations to visit.

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Finally, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your next travel destination:

1-Keep an open mind set

Don’t be afraid to consider destinations that you have not heard of before or that are not commonly talked about. Some of the best destinations (and cheapest) are off the beaten path. Never let a lack of popularity keep you away. Research the destination and see what it has to offer before taking it off your list.

2-Be creative.

Again, don’t limit yourself to popular destinations. Sometimes deciding what you want to do (e.g. scuba diving, hiking, sky diving, relaxing on a beach) before deciding on the destination helps. You can then research destinations that offer that and eliminate ones that don’t.

Research destinations that you have considered and then look at surrounding destinations. There may be just as beautiful destinations nearby that many people have not heard about. Get off the beaten path once in a while!

When planning a trip to a destination, especially one that is a little above your budget or difficult to plan, think outside the box. Maybe catching a flight to a nearby destination and then getting a bus/train to the destination will save you some money and make the trip doable.

3-Don’t dismiss your own backyard

Traveling across the country or foreign countries is wonderful, but don’t overlook your own backyard. In most cases, there are plenty of options within a short distance of you that will make a great weekend or extended weekend trip. Never underestimate the adventure that can be found right around you.

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4-Never regret your choice!

Never choose a destination because that is where everyone is going and where you feel you need to go. Choose a destination that is exciting and thrilling to you. Don’t chose a destination based on the fact that people around you are choosing those destinations as their family vacation. And never choose not to go to a destination because nobody else wants to go. Go solo! You will have a great experience and be able to have complete control over the trip. The only trip you will regret is the one that you didn’t take!

I would love to hear from you-What are your tips for choosing your next destination?


  1. I would add one thing for people to consider as they plan. You mentioned that planners should consider if there are any festivals they want to attend. I would also say, “Are there any festivals you want to avoid?” When planning our Spain/France trip for next summer, I considered the Basque region, but discovered that the Running of the Bulls is happening in Pamplona during the exact week we’d be there. Having been thoroughly turned off by massive, elbow-to-elbow crowds on a different journey (in Annecy, France) a few years earlier, I immediately nixed the idea of going within 100 miles of Pamplona that week – it would be chaos. Great post!!

    • Great tip! It is definitely something to consider. Overcrowded destinations and events are not my forte, so I would definitely want to avoid them as well. Thanks for such a great tip!

  2. I have such a long Bucketlist that I already know where to go lol. Also, I have a lot of family around the globe that I have to visit!! But this is a good list for someone who needs some inspo!!

  3. This is so true! There are so many places I want to travel to, its hard to pick just one! I like to keep a list of 3-5 places and determine where im going next based on the best deals I can get!

    • Great idea! I am a firm believer in waiting for the deals…there are so many places on my list that if I have to wait a little bit for a deal it is no big deal-there’s always somewhere else!

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