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Your Guide to Essential Urban Exploration Equipment

There are plenty of items that you could take with you on your urban exploration adventure and all of them would come in handy. But, as we all know, these items will add weight for you to carry and urban exploration can be quite the active activity. Below are seven essential items that you will need for the safety.

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A Backpack

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A backpack is a number one essential when urbexing (Where else will you put all this needed gear?). Make sure that it fits you properly and is snug against your back to prevent it from getting caught on something. Your backpack will hold all your other essential gear and make your exploring much less of a hassle.


When urbexing be sure that you bring two or three flashlights. Abandoned places don’t have electricity, thus no lighting. You will find yourself in situations where it will be pitch black and a flashlight will be essential (the point of going is to actually see the building, right?) Be sure to bring more than one to avoid your only flashlight dying. Bringing some extra batteries won’t hurt either!


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Exploring can be hard work. You may be climbing, jumping, or squeezing through tight spaces. It is essential that you stay hydrated. Be sure to bring enough water to get you through the day.  

A Mask

Urban Exploration involves getting into moldy and dirty situations and your lungs will not be particularly fond of this (they sure do favor fresh air). Be sure to purchase a mask or respirator to use before entering an abandoned building. Trust me-your health will thank you.


Some form of gloves are an essential when urbexing. You will be coming into contact with God knows what-all kinds of mold and dirt. Gloves will help protect you from these. Grip gloves will also be helpful in the case that you have to climb-they will give you more security and prevent slipping.


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A camera is an essential piece of equipment. You need some way to capture your adventures and share them with the world. Camera gear may weigh you down, but if you are an Urban Exploration photographer they are a must. You can also get a small, lightweight camera (such as a GoPro) and avoid having to carry all that weight. A cell phone will even work if your really don’t want the extra weight.

Appropriate Clothing

When exploring abandoned buildings you will be exposed to dirt, mold, sharp, pointy edges, the elements, etc. It goes without saying that you should be dressed appropriately. Do not show up to an abandoned building in flip flops and shorts. Be sure that you have long pants, a jacket to cover your arms, and boots or sneakers that will keep your feet covered and get you’re the extra support you will need on your adventures.

These are the essentials, but if you don’t mind the extra weight click here for a complete list of items to bring with you on your next adventure!


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