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25 Signs You Are a Travel Addict

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Eat. Sleep. Travel.

Is travel the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thing on your mind before you lie down on your pillow?

Are you constantly planning where you are going next?

Does your bucket list keep getting longer and longer?

If so you may be a travel addict! Here are twenty signs that you may be a travel addict:

1.)  You are reading this post.

2.)  You have a seperate travel savings account. Let’s face it-traveling costs money! It doesn’t have to be super expensive, but if you want to travel you have to have some sort of funding. If you travel often enough to need a separate bank account designated for traveling you may just be a travel addict!

3.) You can get through security in a jiffy! You know exactly what to expect and are ready ahead of time, no one has to tell you what to do each step of the way. You’ve done it more times than you can count.

4.) Your bucket list is an ever growing, never ending list! Almost any place in the world looks appealing for you and you are up for anything!

5.) You watch travel documentaries more than anything else on TV. Your netflix lists and youtube account recommended videos are full of travel related shows.

6.) You have read more travel books than any other type of book. Your leisurely read of choice is anything travel related, not a romance, suspense, or any other type of novel.

7.) Your facebook timeline has more travel related posts than personal posts. You spend more time on travel blogs than social media.

8.) You have friends from all over the world and have no trouble making new friends across all cultures.

9.) You feel at home anywhere, except at home! Normal for you is being abroad, not in your hometown.

10.) You spend your current trip thinking about your next trip. Each and every trip you take gets you more and more excited about your next trip.

11.) The mention of travel sparks passion within you. Any time someone talks about traveling you perk up and can have never ending conversations with them.

12.) You can quickly recover from jetlag. You are so used to traveling across time zones that jetlag does not have a major effect on you and you are ready for adventures shortly after arrival.

13.) You subscribe to multiple travel magazines.

14.) The only reason you continue going to your day job is so you can afford to travel.

15.) Your living room coffee table is full of travel guides.

16.) You have more souveniers in your home than any other type of decor.

17.) Packing a suitcase takes you only a few minutes. You have become so used to packing and know exactly what you need that it takes you no time to fill up the suitcase.

18.) Layovers have become a means for adventure, not an inconvience.

19.) You are somewhat familiar with multiple foreign languages.

20.) Your walls are full of maps instead of paintings.

21.)The majority of your facebook photos are of your adventures and travels.

22.) You are a member of several frequent flier programs.

23.) You have more than one currency in your wallet, you never know when you may need it!

24.) You have thought about or have gotten a travel related tattoo.

25.) Your thirst for travel can never be quenched…no matter how many places you go! If you can never get enough travel, even if you spend week after week traveling, you may be a true travel addict!

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If you have one or many of these symptoms you may just be a travel addict! Unfourtanetly a cure has not been found…but who really wants a cure anyways? Enjoy your travels, fellow travel addicts!

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