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Lets Adventure Together!

Let’s Adventure Together

Hello fellow travelers!

I’m Melissa and my sidekick is Olivia, my four year old daughter. We have been on many adventures together with no plans to stop anytime soon. I have become quite accustomed to hearing her say “Where are we going today mama?”

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In short-I have a passion for travel, meeting new people, and experiencing life outside of my small circle. My philosophy-Life is not meant to be lived in one spot!

I grew up in a small town in CNY. Opportunities for travel and new experiences did not present themselves often. This, however, did not take away from the passion that was kindling within. In school I would learn about different places and their cultures and always thought it would be cool to see. However, as a young adult I was looking for stability. I enrolled in college for something I had always seen myself doing-nursing. I obtained my degree as a registered nurse and have been working in the field ever since.

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My passion for travel, however, still burned strong. It really began to pick up with my first big trip to Key West, Florida in 2012. The new experiences and beautiful scenery made it difficult to return home. Since then I have visited many different cities and my passion for travel has grown with each one.

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So putting this all together I decided to not only dive in deeper to the world of travel but to also share it with those who hold the same passion. Creating this blog is my way of journaling my experiences and sharing them with you. Through writing, photography, and videos I hope to inspire others to travel, meet new people, and dive into the many different cultures of the world. Also, as you can see, the majority of my traveling is done with my four year old by my side. Traveling with a small child can be a challenge in and of itself. I hope to be able to share the tips and tricks I have acquired and continue to acquire that will make family travel easier and more enjoyable.

One lesson I have learned in life is that when you step outside of your comfort zone you open yourself up to so many opportunities-you never know what awaits you!

Travel plans for 2019 include visiting at least 10 new states as I continue on my journey to conquer all 50 US states and at least four countries. I hope that you will join me and share in the experiences.

Capturing the human heart.
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I look forward to sharing with you all and experiencing all that this great world has to offer. Let’s adventure together and share our successes, failures, experiences, tips, and tricks! Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at

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